3 more reasons why job costing & invoicing need to happen together

WorkGuru | 3 more reasons why job costing & invoicing need to happen together

Keeping your invoices and job tracking together helps you to more easily get paid for the work you’ve done. Because completing the work and invoicing go hand in hand, it makes sense to keep them on the same platform. 

To drill down further on why keeping job costing and invoicing together could be beneficial, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 3 benefits.

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Account for your costs in invoicing correctly

Things don’t always go to plan (in fact they rarely do). If you rely on your quotes alone to understand your costs then you could be underbilling and losing money on your jobs. 

When you can seamlessly use the data from your job costing to generate invoices, it means that you can see if you have gone over quotes amounts and easily bill for the actual costs if needed. You know that the costs are accurately accounted for and can give exact numbers of hours spent and materials used on the invoice. 

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Charge for expenses as you go & easily charge for phases

Having job costing and invoicing together means that you can see what’s been billed for and what hasn’t. It means that managing milestone billing becomes easier as you can easily bill for a percentage of total costs. 

WorkGuru makes it easy to see what has already been billed for and your costs occurred so far. When a new invoice gets created you can bill for outstanding remaining costs or tasks completed. 

When invoicing and job costing are done from the same system, information can be seamlessly used and updated across these functions making it much easier. It also saves you heaps of time by not needing to manually interpret and enter the information from your job costing system to the invoice. 

Easily generate & send invoices

Finally, as well as being able to use the information quickly,  WorkGuru.io also just makes it easier to send invoices, saving your team’s time. 

With custom invoice templates, you can quickly generate invoices with the click of a button that will pull the information from your project.  You can then send it to the client without leaving the software.

WorkGuru also allows you to generate one invoice for multiple projects in a project group. Because you can track your jobs together, it also means that you can bill together without needing to manually add all your project information to an invoice. 

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