Business Management Tools For The Construction Industry.

Handling everything from quotes to invoices, and timesheets to inventory, WorkGuru gives you everything you need to run your construction business!
Project Management for Construction

Project Management

Tracking construction projects can be hard! There’s project phases to manage, milestones to tick off, budgets to manage, and staff to hold accountable. WorkGuru lets you do all of that with simple and easy to use tools.


If you’re engaging subbies on a job, you can keep track of your purchases and what your expected delivery dates for everything are, plus what you were quoted, versus what you paid for each part of the job.

Variations & Project Groups

WorkGuru allows you to quote variations as separate elements, or just add new line items to an existing job, depending on your workflow. It’s simple, and it’s designed to work for you!

Sales & CRM Management

Track every lead, contact and quote and know how much you stand to win with sales reporting. Create jobs from quotes and invoices straight from your projects. WorkGuru gives you the tools to make CRM easy.

Communication Management

Finding emails & files can be a real pain. Simply send an email to WorkGuru & it will attach to the right job. No matter who's looking, all of the info you need is in one place.

Inventory Management

Keep track of what you've got in stock and what you've used on every job with the WorkGuru kiosk. Manage your stock on hand and purchases easily and clearly with powerful, yet simple tools.

WorkGuru Makes Construction Projects Easy

WorkGuru’s live WIP reporting tells you at any stage exactly how much work you’ve done, but haven’t billed clients yet. Timesheets and stock usage are fed real-time into our reporting, meaning that there’s no need to wait until the end of month to know where you stand.

Build your project templates to account for not only your bill of materials, but the time that you expect to use when building a product. Whether it’s the parts on a caravan, trailer, shed, or boat, WorkGuru has you covered.

Our web kiosk allows all you staff to enter their timesheets and material usage straight onto whatever project they are working on meaning no more double-entry, AND real-time reporting on staff productivity.

Whether you want to track variations on a project, or smaller projects as part of a larger development, our project groups functionality lets you do exactly that.

Top features for Fabricators

Job Costing

See everything that goes into your jobs and know instantly if you’re making, or losing money on each and every one of them, in real-time!

Job Costing

With Workguru’s complete job costing tool-kit, you can stay on top of every job, and improve your bottom line
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Stock Control

Stock Control is an incredibly important part of your business and we’re here to help.

Stock Control

With functionality to track thousands of items, in multiple warehouses, WorkGuru is your go-to solution for your inventory needs
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Asset Maintenance

If you build or service equipment, whether it is your own or your clients, WorkGuru let’s you keep track of everything you’ve ever done on a piece of Plant.

Asset Maintenance

Track every hour, every part, every service, and who did it to keep your compliance 100% up to date!
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