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WorkGuru | Features - Job Management Software

WORKGURU is a POWERFUL job management software

A powerful job management software, WorkGuru can be customised to suit your business and needs. With features to support everything from quote to invoice, as well as timesheets and inventory, you can manage every part of your operation with ease.

Customer Relations Management

A powerful CRM is vital to any business, WorkGuru, as a powerful job management software, lets you stay on top of every part of your sales, and operations life-cycle.

Lead Management

Keep track of your sales leads, forecasts, and activities all in one place.
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Quickly generate, track and send your quotes. With your prices, and your print templates!
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Client Management

There's a lot to know about your clients. Who they are, what you've done for them, and more!
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Contact Management

Have multiple contacts for each client? WorkGuru makes it easy to track who's who!
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Job Management

Tracking jobs is more than just having job cards - it's tracking every due date, scheduling tasks and staff members, getting the invoicing done, and much much more.

Job Dashboard

Track job statuses, Project Managers, Due Dates, and what's lagging straight from your dashboard.
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Whether you're scheduling Projects with a Gantt Chart, or people into a calendar, we make it easy!
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Invoicing is a breeze with our Quick Invoice function! Raise any kind of invoice in seconds!
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Need to complete a checklist, or get customer signoff on an action. Checkout out Forms!
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Variations can be tricky! WorkGuru's Project Groups feature makes variations and related works simple!
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Recurring Projects

Managing maintenance contracts or dealing with retainer work is a set-and-forget job with WorkGuru.
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cost Management

Managing the cost elements of every job is the only way to be profitable. Stay on top of every cost aspect, with timesheets, stock usage, and purchases all captured seamlessly through our powerful job management software.


At the office, on the job site, or in the workshop, timesheets keep you on top of your costs.
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Our powerful purchasing tools make it quick and easy to get what you need, when you need it.
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Stock Usage

Allocate stock to a job in seconds, and have all the accounting done for you.
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Forecast vs Actual

Track your forecast vs actuals in real time, using our integrated costing elements in WorkGuru.
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stock control

Stock control is a huge part of staying on top of your work. Knowing what you've got, where it is, how much it cost, and how much you're going to need can be a full time job without the right systems and a powerful job management software.

Stock levels

Know what you've got, and where it is at any point in time, from any device.
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Internal Production

Make sub-components of your assemblies out of materials, and put them straight into stock.
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Stocktakes, adjustments & transfers

Count what you've got, write off broken stock, and transfer between locations with ease!
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Multiple locations

WorkGuru supports as many warehouse locations as you need!
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Tracking jobs is more than just having job cards - it's tracking every due date, status, timesheet, stock usage and purchase that goes into delivering on time, and on budget. Luckily, WorkGuru—a powerful job management software—has you covered.


Get any information that you need with our simple drag and drop pivot reports.
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Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards bring all the info that you need to your fingertips, the second you log in.
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Asset History

Keep track of your sales leads, forecasts, and activities all in one place.
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Business Intelligence Integrations

Need more than what we can do out of the box? Our Business Intelligence integrations can help!
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