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“The free trial in particular helped me test drive the software and get to know the system without having to commit to anything. The team did all the hard lifting and showcased exactly how the software would work. I hate the trial sign ups where you're left to your own devices without any support, the optional 1hr demo saved me hours that would have been spent trial and error to learning the software on my own.”
Chris Emmins Process Finishing Solutions Pty Ltd
“I initially looked for a "bolt-on" solution for XERO to help me manage stock. Nothing did what I needed it to properly. When I took the free trial everything came together. I saw how I could get a better grip on my entire business by implementing the software into our business. The optional free demo really helped as I didn't have to go through a confusing trial period, sign ups or upfront costs to see how the software would work specifically for my business.”
Michael Hyrdromech Hoist & Crane
“The trial is quick and easy to get started in. We actually had a developer on our demo rather than a sales guy... not only did this help in getting immediate questions answered by the people who built the program it saved us hours trying to work everything out ourselves. We were literally able to dive straight in because of the way the team ran the demo.”
Geoff Pyart Direct Force
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