Job Costing The Way It Should Be

A single platform that helps you get on top of all your job and project management needs without all of the confusion.
From timesheets and stock control, to quoting, invoices and CRM, we’ve got you covered. 

Job Costing, Timesheets, Stock Control and Much More!

No matter the part of your business you’re looking to improve,  WorkGuru’s built to provide the tools you need to make the right decisions, and get your work done quickly, easily, and with a minimum of fuss. 

Job Costing

See and understand costs and profitabilty on every job.

Stock Control

Track stock purchases and usage seamlessly.


Keep up with your team's activity in real-time.


Record your clients and leads in one place.


Templates and bespoke quotes created easily.


Invoice for totals, milestones or actuals with a few clicks.

How much are "free" project management systems costing your business?

Find out with our free job management ROI calculator.

Products that Support Your Industry

We needed a framework that could be configured to our needs and the WorkGuru team have delivered exactly that.

Theo, Cossill & Webley

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