3 Reasons Job Costing & Invoicing Should Happen Together

WorkGuru | 3 Reasons Job Costing & Invoicing Should Happen Together

Do you use the same tools to manage your job costing and invoicing? When you have software that treats business functions as separate processes there could be opportunities you’re missing out on. When you think of features as part of the same process in your business then you can use them to your advantage. 

That’s why WorkGuru seamlessly allows you to manage many areas of your business in one system. In this blog, we’ll focus on the benefits that your business can have when invoicing and project management happen in the same system. 

Account for your costs better with your invoicing

In WorkGuru, you’re able to keep track of the real-time costs associated with your project. So, when your teamwork over time or have to upgrade to a more expensive part, you can see those new costs.

Before invoicing you are able to quickly see if the original quote covers all your costs. If not, it’s easy to have a chat with the client and issue an invoice that takes into account the new costs. It’s just a few clicks to generate an invoice based on actual costs, rather than having to manually re-enter information or relying on your team chatting you your finance officer. 

WorkGuru | 3 Reasons Job Costing & Invoicing Should Happen Together

More flexible ways to invoice

Whether it’s extra costs you need to add, or you bill for actual time used, or you need to bill in phases to help with your cash flow, linking invoices to your job costing can really help. 

WorkGuru has tools like milestone invoicing, invoice for a percentage and invoice for actuals to help you invoice in a way that makes sense for your business. By allowing you to invoice from your project management system, you can better keep track of the method you used to save confusion down the line, it also means that as more costs get added while you work, it’s much easier to just bill for new actual costs. 

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Create a better communication loop

With your invoicing and job costing talking to each other, you save your team heaps of questions and heaps of time looking up information. On the project report in WorkGuru, you can see all previously issued invoices and how much is left to be invoiced. It’s a great way to easily track your progress and ensure you’re getting paid for work done. 

Not only can your job costing system “see” your invoices, but you are easily able to use your job costing information for accurate invoices. It means saving time, improving profitability and saving time. 

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