4 Ways Job Tracking Software Is Good For Team Morale

WorkGuru | 4 Ways Job Tracking Software Is Good For Team Morale

In a recent blog, we covered the importance of building a happy team and how you can do it. You can use a lot of the features in job tracking software like WorkGuru to help boost the happiness of your team. 

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In this article, we’ll look at the top features in WorkGuru and how you can use them to improve team happiness. Using the top four drivers of happiness for manufacturing employees (according to Industry Today), this article will cover how the right software can support you when building your team morale. 

Operational efficiency

It goes without saying that good job tracking software will help you to improve your efficiency. More than that though, systems like WorkGuru help your team keep records up to date while completing work.

The tools in WorkGuru are intuitive to use so your team can plan out their week with drag and drop tools, submit timesheets with a few clicks and review work done at the end of the day on the on-site kiosk. 

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Safety & hygiene 

Showing your team that you care about their wellbeing can improve every workplace. While job tracking software is no replacement for purpose-built or mandatory safety procedures, there are features that can help you reinforce safety procedures. 

With project templates, you can add a task to every project to remind your team to check the safety of their workstation. Forms give your team the tools to complete documents confirming that this task was done. Plus, you can add recurring projects to asset records, reminding you and your team to perform regular maintenance and checks on your machinery. 

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Organization of Work Environments

WorkGuru can help with your workplace organisation in two major ways. By keeping track of your stock, you’re able to improve the physical organisation of your stock as well. You can also avoid frustration when your team look for something that isn’t there - they can know for certain what’s in stock and what’s not. 

Similarly, you are able to assign an asset to every project so that you’re able to understand and plan when assets will be in use to prevent frustration from double booking. 

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Technology and Machinery

WorkGuru.io makes maintaining your assets easier with recurring projects that remind you to perform maintenance. Combined with project templates, you can give your team a list of tasks that are needed to be completed every time the project repeats. 

Overall, job tracking software also gives your team the tools to work easier and faster to improve their overall productivity and enjoyment at work. 
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