WorkGuru forms make record keeping easy

WorkGuru | WorkGuru forms make record keeping easy

Sometimes you need to keep documents like SWMS or JSA forms or keep a signed document with your project records

If you have documents that you need to fill in regularly, you can do it with WorkGuru Forms. Not only that but it will automatically be added to relevant projects so you can keep a permanent record.

It’s easy to set up, here’s how


With WorkGuru Forms, your team can...

...keep signed records alongside the project

Without leaving the platform, staff members can now fill in and sign forms that are automatically attached to the project and time-stamped as a PDF document. Once a template is created, it can be filled in on each and every project when it’s needed. 


… create templates easily

Adding in new forms is a quick and simple process. You can create as many fields as necessary, and dictate the type of information needed. There are short and long text, date,  picture, numbers, and signature fields to choose from.  You have total control over what’s included so the uses are practically limitless.


...export and send completed forms

You have complete control of the layout and formatting of your form. By uploading a Word document with the custom fields used, you can choose how the information is presented. 

When the form fields are completed in WorkGuru, the form will be created using the Word document you’ve added. Your forms are saved as a PDF and can be easily downloaded and shared as needed.


Want to learn more? 

If you're interested in forms for your business, get in touch with the WorkGuru team today. We can take you through a free training session to help you assess if WorkGuru is a good fit for your business.