Improve your Work/Life Balance in 2022

WorkGuru | Improve your Work/Life Balance in 2022

Is your new year’s resolution to spend less time in the workshop? There are a few tried and true tips that can help you maintain a good work/life balance this year.

A good job costing system can help you and your teams save time and get out of the workshop or office earlier. Here are the top ways that great job management tools can help you manage your work/life balance.

Setting and managing your “to-do” list

Part of the struggle of logging off is the mental burden of keeping track of everything that’s happening. With a solid record keeping platform behind you, you can get your to-do list out of your head.

WorkGuru | Improve your Work/Life Balance in 2022

For example, WorkGuru has project scheduling tools that can help you understand the work that will be done in the next few weeks, and give you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. There is also capacity planning tools that let you and each team member see how much work you have planned for each day.

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Stepping away from the phone/tools

As a business owner delegating tasks and giving yourself more time can be hard because you don’t know what is happening when you’re not there. A good job costing system can help give you an understanding of what’s happening when you’re away and helps keep everything on track.

For example, WorkGuru can help you record who did what, when they did it, and how long it took. You can even keep signed forms that are dated and time-stamped. Your team also have the tools to track and monitor themselves meaning that you’re more able to step away when you’ve clocked off.

Reduce the time you spend on tasks that don’t add value

Part of creating work/life balance is reducing the tasks you give yourself in a day. If you find that you simply have too much to do in a day, it’s time to start pruning the tasks that aren’t adding value to your business. Whether it’s delegating tasks to other members of your team, or just saving time on non-essential tasks, job costing can help.

WorkGuru can help you assign tasks to team members to make sure that everyone knows what they need to do. It can also help your whole team save hours on admin time and give you more time to complete your to-do list and get out of the door on time. In fact, Fortuna Straighline Engineering, a WorkGuru client, have saved so much time that office manager Rhiannan says “ sometimes I find myself cleaning the workshop just for something to do!”

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Can WorkGuru Help you Get a Better Work/Life Balance?

If you want more visibility over your team’s time and to-do list, want to save time and reduce the admin in your business then a job management system could be the answer. WorkGuru helps you manage projects, stock, assets, CRM and more all in one place.

Book in a time with the team today to get a free demo and see what WorkGuru can do for you.