3 Practical Benefits to Project Scheduling

WorkGuru | 3 Practical Benefits to Project Scheduling

With project scheduling, you can know what your team are doing and when they are doing it.


Drag and Drop

Making changes to your team’s schedule is as easy as clicking and dragging. The easy drag and drop tools will let you make changes with minimal fuss. You can move the dates, or change the staff member assigned to make sure you’re job is getting done on time and by the right person.

If two people or a team are assigned to a task, the task will move for everyone, so you don’t need to worry about missing anyone!

WorkGuru | 3 Practical Benefits to Project Scheduling


Understanding your capacity

There are only so many hours in the day that your team can use to work on your projects. The capacity planning tools in WorkGuru can help you make sure that you’ve not assigned too much work to your teams.

The tools allow for capacity planning, showing you how many hours you’re team is predicted to work on projects each day making scheduling and assigning tasks easier.  Tasks that are stretched over multiple days will automatically average out the time across the days, saving you admin time and making it easy to understand.

You can see how many hours of work each team member has each day, and you can move the projects to fill up their day, or give them some breathing room. 


Set realistic expectations with your clients

When planning a project with your client, it's key to set the right expectations. Under promise and you might lose the work, over promise and you risk an unhappy client. By being able to quickly check which projects are in the pipeline and the capacity that your team have for new work, you’ll be able to set clear expectations about the timeline from the start. 


Get a sneak peek at project scheduling

Take a look at the awesome tools that you’ll be able to access in WorkGuru that can help with project scheduling. 

Can't see the video? Click here.

Think an all-in-one project management system is right for you? 

WorkGuru was built to be a complete solution for companies that design, build, or fix things. We service the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and fabrication industries, from lead registration, right through to your final invoice. 

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