4 Time Saving Benefits You’re Missing Out On

WorkGuru | 4 Time Saving Benefits You’re Missing Out On

If you’ve not yet invested in a project management system, then you could be missing a lot of time saving opportunities. 

With labour costs making up a huge expense, being able to make the most of your teams time can help you to improve your businesses profitability. There are lots of ways a good project management system can help you achieve this, but here are the top four.

Cut down on admin 

A good project management system will help you cut down on admin time in a substantial way, especially if you are moving from a paper approach. You would be amazed how much time your team or yourself actually spend every week on things that don’t make you money. 

Struggling to read the handwriting on team timesheets, trying to find a paper trail for the previous job history or working out what stock you’re running short on could all be taking hours out of your workweek that could be spent generating revenue.

A solution like WorkGuru automates or makes easier a lot of the day-to-day admin to help you save time and money.

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Staying organised

A huge part of time management is organisation. The bigger your team gets, the harder it can be to keep track of what everyone is supposed to be working on and to give clear direction. While there are a lot of tips that can help you stay organised,  job management software makes managing projects and keeping your team on track much, much easier. 

For example, WorkGuru allows you to assign projects to any user, or a team of users. The projects then show up in their dashboards and they can have a clear idea of what they are responsible for and the deadlines and can organise their shift accordingly. 

WorkGuru forms can also help your team fill in documents to keep on top of project paperwork. Completed forms are automatically uploaded to the project file, so your team can leave a permanent, easy to find record in a fraction of the time they would without WorkGuru. 

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Templating everyday tasks

Creating templates for things you do frequently is crucial to scaling your business and saving time. Project management software allows you to take quotes and projects that are common and save the parts and labour into a template that can easily be replicated. 

A lot of businesses underestimate the importance and flexibility of templates. Even if your work is fairly unique, you can often benefit from creating a template with the common elements. Even if is just creating a template email for every quote and invoice, it's substantially faster to make amendments when needed than it is to always type it out. 

Though it can feel like a lot of set-up, the returns you can get from good templates is very worthwhile.

Analyse & adapt

WorkGuru gives you the tools to check real-time data in your business, including how much time your team have spent on particular projects. When reviewing timesheets, you can deep dive into this information to find out if there are any “time sinks” in your business.

If a staff member consistently goes over the quoted time for a task, it might indicate that more training is needed. If all the members of your team go overtime regularly, it may be a sign that you are underquoting. 

Because the project data is readily available, staff can hold themselves accountable and manage their time effectively to stay under the quoted amount. You can use the reports provided to make sure your team are performing well, and help to implement processes that help save time. 

Think you could improve your time saving with WorkGuru?

If you’re looking for a new project management system that can improve your productivity and time management, then WorkGuru might be the right fit. 

The all-in-one business operations platform can help you manage projects, stock, quotes, invoicing and CRM all in one place.

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WorkGuru | 4 Time Saving Benefits You’re Missing Out On