Top 5 Benefits of Using Invoice Templates To Improve Your Billing

WorkGuru | Top 5 Benefits of Using Invoice Templates To Improve Your Billing

Invoicing for projects is arguably one of the most important things your business does to bring money in. Invoice templates can help you speed up the time it takes & can help give you more time for profitable work.

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Save your business time

One of the ways that WorkGuru.io helps you streamline your billing is by utilising customisable invoicing templates. The templates are easy to create and can allow you to generate new invoices in seconds. 

Once the template is uploaded, it only takes a couple of clicks for an invoice to be generated. It means that once work is completed, an invoice can be created and sent on the same day easily. Making it quick and easy to send invoices means that your admin team have more time for other essential functions. 

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Create a consistent experience

Templates allow you to create easily repeatable invoice layouts and information. So, no matter who creates the invoice, the customer will receive a similar experience. Not only does this allow you to rest easy knowing your business documents are looking professional, but it also helps customers too.

When they receive a similar document for each invoice, your customers can save time. They know where to look for the key information and can quickly check details when they receive the document. It might seem like a small thing, but it's something your business can do to make life easier for customers and build up loyalty. 

Make it easy for your team to check details

On a similar note, when your invoices share the same layout your team can save time by knowing where to look when checking details. 

In WorkGuru.io, the templates work by pulling details from your project information using merge fields. So, the information on your invoice will appear as it appears in the project. As your team doesn’t need to double handle this data, the chances of mistakes are significantly reduced.

Make sure important details are always there

If you don’t use templates you’re relying on your staff to remember to add in all the important details. This goes beyond the amount due. With templates, you can easily add in details like payment methods to make it easier for customers to pay, or share information about other services you offer.

When you do with a template you can make sure all invoices use the most up-to-date version of information, and you’re not making invoicing more complicated for your team.

Reduce staff training time

Creating easy to use templates means that you’re team don’t need to be invoicing experts to create a new document. You may want to limit the number of people in your business that are allowed to send an invoice, but making the admin around invoicing easier means that you can share the time more evenly across your team.

It also means that your staff are able to step up and help with invoicing more easily if people are away sick or on annual leave. 

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