5 Best ways to save time in your business

WorkGuru | 5 Best ways to save time in your business

Time. It’s a resource that no one seems to have enough of. There are only limited hours in a day, and the fewer of them you can spend on admin means more time for profitable work and logging off early. So how do you save time while getting everything done?

Whether you're a one-man team or a team of 100+, doing these five things well can help you get control of your time.

Automate & streamline

Some admin-time and downtime are unavoidable. In fact, spending 20 minutes now to get organised could easily save you and your team hours down the road. But, spending time repeatedly on tasks that can be done more effectively is a waste of a valuable resource. 

Take a look at your current processes and think if there are things you or your team are doing that could be done more smoothly. It could be something small, like typing out a follow-up email instead of having a template, or something huge that wastes hours on every project.

Find the ways that you can improve the time taken on admin, and how automating the system could help. It’s important to not sacrifice the quality of your work in the pursuit of doing it faster. In fact, when done right, automation and streamlining should help you keep more accurate records. 

Plan ahead

Knowing what to expect out of your day can help you to get the most from it. Tasks tend to stretch with the time you give yourself to do them, but you can counteract this by giving yourself a to-do list at the start of the day. 

Planning out what you want to get done and how long you expect it to take is a great way to push through work faster and stay on track. You can use scheduling tools to make sure that you and your team have a full schedule for each day or week without missing deadlines.

Planning ahead can also help you save time because it prevents confusion and procrastination between tasks. You are able to jump from one task to the next and stay focused throughout the day. 

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Keep records up-to-date and easy to find

An often overlooked part of time-saving is keeping a tidy workshop. The time it takes to find the right materials, or look up accurate information can have a huge impact on your overall time spent on a job.

Keeping accurate, easy to search records can help you massively cut down on the admin time of your projects. For example, imagine an existing customer coming in for a new job. Your team member needs to find their previous work history, prepare a new quote for them and then find the materials to do the job for them.

If your records are easy to use, this might take only minutes. If they aren’t, it could take upwards of an hour to get it all done. The change can be that dramatic. 

Delegation & collaboration

Getting the right person doing the right job with the right tools can also be a huge time saver. Having experienced team members undertaking the work they know best can help you get work done quickly and give your more time.

Giving you and your team the tools to collaborate in an effective way can save business time. For example, being able to assign work to teams, or adding projects to a teammates’ calendars can help you effectively delegate tasks while keeping everyone informed.

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Rely on tools that help

Having effective tools and systems at your disposal can make a huge difference. There is only so much you can do with ineffective systems or pen and paper. Having tools built for the job can mean you save time on admin and data entry. 

For example, having quoting templates can allow you to turn a quote around in a matter of minutes. A stock control system can help your team find an item by letting your team know the location, shelf number and quantity remaining in seconds. 

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