WorkGuru Chats Manufacturing Solutions at Xero Refresh

WorkGuru | WorkGuru Chats Manufacturing Solutions at Xero Refresh

WorkGuru x Xero Refresh

WorkGuru is proud to have been invited to speak about the top apps for manufacturing and inventory at this year's Xero Refresh. 

Specially designed for bookkeepers and accountants, the event covers the latest product developments, must know industry info and provides an opportunity to network with other members of the Xero community.

WorkGuru will be part of a panel of the top inventory and manufacturing software that will give expert advice for the coming year and how we can help you and your manufacturing clients succeed. 

“It’s always great to join the Xero team and our other app colleagues to pass on our experience to the industry at these great events. I’m really looking forward to speaking, and contributing to the event.”

Tony Harcourt, co-Founder of WorkGuru.io

The manufacturing and inventory topic is one of a great lineup including best practice automation, industry developments and app demos.

Why manufacturing? 

WorkGuru has been part of the Xero app ecosystem and serving the manufacturing industry for the past three years, so getting to talk about best practices and how project and inventory management apps can help is a natural fit. 

With so many challenges facing the manufacturing industry in the current climate, there is a lot to talk about. From supply chain issues due to global shortages to skilled labour shortages to volatile supply prices there is a lot that manufacturing owners have on their minds.

Read more about priorities for manufacturing businesses

Get involved

Xero Refresh will run across four days with a couple of sessions each day. You can join us on Appy Friday at the wrap up of the Xero Refresh, kicking off from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm (AEDT).

Click here to register and attend.

Plus, we’ll be winding up the week with a few drinks with the Brisbane app community and our accounting, bookkeeping and consulting partners to celebrate what is sure to be a great week of Xero learning. 

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