Is project management software worth it’s cost? Here’s what WorkGuru users think.

WorkGuru | Is project management software worth it’s cost? Here’s what WorkGuru users think.

When it comes to investing in your business, it can often feel like a leap of faith. Will this particular project management software help your business achieve its goal? Is it the right option for your business, and is now the right time?  

With WorkGuru, you don’t have to go in completely blind. A lot of customers have shared their opinions about WorkGuru through case studies, and Xero App Marketplace reviews. We hear a few of the same things again and again that might help put your mind at ease that you’re in safe hands with WorkGuru. 

Here are a few ways that WorkGuru customers have gotten value out of their investment in project management software. 

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WorkGuru helps save you and your team time

One of the huge benefits to WorkGuru is the ability to save you time on tasks and admin you do every day. WorkGuru can reduce the time it takes to report stock usage, submit timesheets, keep project records and check your project profitability. 

A lot of our customers have seen huge savings in time. Border Fabrication and Engineering found that, because staff could report travel and work times as they worked, the business saved hours of admin time. 

The tools are there, so when the jobs are done, it  no longer takes 2-3 hours checking the details.

- Glen, Border Fabrication and Engineering

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They aren’t the only businesses that have seen this great time-saving benefit. Fortuna Straighline Engineering also noticed quickly how much time they saved. You can read more about their story on our website by clicking here

I am saving so much time; sometimes I find myself cleaning the workshop just for something to do!

- Rhiannan, Fortuna Straightline Engineering

How is it that WorkGuru saves businesses so much time? Simply by making things your team do every day quicker and easier. Your team are only ever a few clicks away from updating their timesheets, recording stock used or sending out a templated quote. Because records like projects and stock are linked, your team can report on one, while keeping the other up-to-date. 


WorkGuru helps you save money

With human labour being a significant cost to most businesses, it’s not surprising that saving time can save you money too! But, far from just saving you money on staff time, the visibility you can get from WorkGuru can lead to huge savings too!

WorkGuru lets you easily watch over your actual vs forecast costs and profit on every project, helping you make money on every job. Because your team can report in real-time, your metrics can stay up to date and give you the information you need, when you need it. 

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Because you also get more visibility over your stock, you can save money there too. WorkGuru client Hydromech has shared their experience with this: 

WorkGuru saves us over and over again on stock and staff time, plus we get so much visibility over what’s happening and that helps us save too. For example, in the past, we might have missed $50,000 of stock we had and might have ordered more in just because we didn’t know we had it. That just can’t happen anymore. 

- Micheal, Hydromech Hoist and Crane


Looking for project management software for your business? 

If you are looking to manage your profitability, productivity and projects better then you’ve come to the right place.  We’d love to have a chat about your business and goals and, with a free hands-on demo of WorkGuru, see how we can help your business. 

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WorkGuru | Is project management software worth it’s cost? Here’s what WorkGuru users think.