How Border Fabrication Revolutionised It’s Project Management With WorkGuru

WorkGuru | How Border Fabrication Revolutionised It’s Project Management With WorkGuru

How Border Fabrication Revolutionised It’s Project Management With WorkGuru

Border Fabrication had been operating in the Goondiwindi area since 2000. Locally born and raised owner, Glen Carrigan, has always been driven by an ambition to provide a great service, which helped him build a successful business and keep and gain clients for more than two decades. When it came to finding a project management solution to help manage his team, he looked for an option that could not only meet all his needs, but match his business for great customer service. 


Working with a remote and in-house team on large and complex projects, Glen was disappointed by the options he found in the market. “We’d put off trialling software as there were none that could track time and stock,” remarked Glen, “WorkGuru was the only option that fit our business requirements”. After chatting to the WorkGuru team, Glen quickly knew he’d found the perfect solution.

What made WorkGuru the right fit?

“In my experience, there has been no other product that has been as versatile to add in features that we need,” commented Glen. Simply put, the software had everything that Border Fabrication needed now, and where it was planning to go in the future. 

WorkGuru took us on board and were willing to be flexible. They offered great customer service.

Glen Carrigan, Border Fabrication

For Border Fabrication, WorkGuru was able to meet all their needs, providing a clear overview of the business, it’s profitability and it’s projects. WorkGuru collaborated closely with the business to make sure it was the right fit and set-up up the features that Glen needed. 

“We started with handwritten diaries and invoices before we moved to WorkGuru and Xero, so it made a huge difference in how quickly we can turn around our payroll and invoicing”, commented Glen. With the software pulling together timesheets, stock costs and tasks into a project overview, it’s now much easier to manage a project start to finish, and know how much was made.

Managing a local and remote fabrication team

Part of the difficulty that was faced by Border Fabrication was managing a team that was on the move. With WorkGuru, the team was able to use the WorkGuru kiosk on the go, so they can track their time with clients, on projects, and on the road accurately.

“It means staff can allocate true travel times and work times at the right rate, and they can allocate stock when they work” said Glen, “The tools are there, so when the jobs are done, it  no longer takes 2-3 hours checking the details.” 

The ability for the team to remotely report their time has helped to track accurate profitability on jobs, as well as saving hours on payroll management. The feature means that WorkGuru can provide close to real-time reports on how well the business is performing.

fabrication team

Two years later, and still going strong

After two years of using WorkGuru for his fabrication business, Glen has never looked back. WorkGuru has been able to save the business time and admin costs, and, integrating with Xero, has all the features needed for complete business management. 

“The ongoing support I’ve had has been really good for us,” Glen said. For Border Fabrication, WorkGuru meant not only a system for managing stock control and timesheets, but more time to focus on the business and their customers. Finding a solution that was flexible and customisable meant that they were able to manage their business, their way. 

Glen has always been happy with the service provided. “I’ve shared it with a lot of people I work with, and I’d recommended WorkGuru to anyone that is looking for a project management option for fabricators.”

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WorkGuru | How Border Fabrication Revolutionised It’s Project Management With WorkGuru

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