Control quotes & invoices with 100+ custom fields

WorkGuru | Control quotes & invoices with 100+ custom fields

The right project management system can become the heart of your business, helping with every aspect day-after-day, so it’s important that it looks and feels like your business. This is extra important when it comes to quotes, invoices, purchase orders and briefs that you send to your clients and suppliers.

There are three key ways that WorkGuru helps you make your documents your own.

Add in Your Logo

WorkGuru makes sure that your quotes and invoices are easily identifiable as yours! As soon as your customers or suppliers look at it, they will immediately know who it is from. You can control everything about the document, including fonts and colours to match your business.

Add in the fields that are important to you

There are over 100 standard fields in WorkGuru which can be  added into at least one of your document templates. Plus, WorkGuru allows you to add custom fields that help your business to personalise the platform with relevant information. It means you can ensure you have all the information to meet the needs of your business or industry.
Printing a purchase
For example, you can add in the amount outstanding on an invoice, or add in a product image to your purchase order to make it clear what you are expecting.

Choose the best layout

Highlight the most important information by creating your own custom document template. WorkGuru can help you populate any document layout with the right information using merge field references. Just don’t forget to include all the necessary information on your quotes and invoices!

Want to see how else you can customize your project management? 
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WorkGuru | Control quotes & invoices with 100+ custom fields

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