Manage your construction jobs on the go!

WorkGuru | Manage your construction jobs on the go!

Working in construction, your team is often split between different sites and you can’t be everywhere at once. No matter how many projects you working on, or the size of your team WorkGuru can help you understand and control what’s happening in your business no matter where your business is happening!

Here are the top 4 ways that WorkGuru can help you with project management on the go!


Cloud-based information

When you're working across multiple sites, access to information can be an issue. If you operate with excel sheets or a pen-and-paper system, then it can be almost impossible to get up-to-date information to your sites in an accurate and timely way. It means your team might miss out on critical changes, and also can’t update information in real-time, so you’re navigating blind while they’re on site. 

WorkGuru is cloud-based, meaning that wherever there is internet access your team can stay updated and keep you updated! That means timesheets, material usage, project notes, quote changes and invoice information is accessible all the time. So, if a client wants to change the scope of the job, that can be in your system within minutes of the request. 


Easy to use interface

Having access to information starts with recording that info, and WorkGuru makes it easy for your team. You can set the permissions for each user on your account, so your team will only have access to the tools they need to see and use. Teams and users will also only see projects that they are assigned to, making navigation super simple.

The WorkGuru kiosk also provides a super-simple interface that allows everyone to quickly add information like what there working on, what materials they used and any project notes they want to provide. They can also create timesheets, mark that they’ve gone on break, and review their timesheets at the end of the day. 

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Tracking what, who and when

We touched on it above, but WorkGuru can help you understand who is doing what on site. Each team member can report what task they are working on and the materials they used to do that. This information is recorded against the project so you have a permanent record of which team member has completed a particular part of the job and when they worked on it. 

It’s handy to give you an in-depth overview of what’s happening when you’re not on site. You can stay informed and build a picture from the data provided. 


Understand your teams time and costs

With real-time information provided, it is very easy to keep track of project costs on-site and back in the office. WorkGuru gives you a clear view of the information you need to understand your project or a group of projects. 

Looking at the project overview, you and your team will be able to understand in a matter of seconds key factors about the project. Widgets will be able to indicate how many hours have been used, the number of tasks completed, your profitability, costs and the amount invoiced. 


Need project management on the go?

What we have looked at above is just a small way that WorkGuru can help your business to understand and manage your projects. WorkGuru can help with everything from stock management to asset management, quotes to invoicing, and of course project management. 

The software was purposely designed to help businesses that build, make, design and maintain assets. You can read more about how we help the construction industry by clicking here

If you’d like to see WorkGuru in action, get in touch with the team today. We’ll take you through the platform with a free hands-on training session.


WorkGuru | Manage your construction jobs on the go!