4 Reasons CRM is important for your business

WorkGuru | 4 Reasons CRM is important for your business

CRM tools and customer databases can help you provide a better experience for customers and your team. You can work faster and smart with all the data you need at your fingertips. 

Here are four ways CRM can help. 

Consistent customer experience

With powerful CRM tools and systems, you can help to build a consistent experience no matter who the customer reaches out to. With a single shared resource about the client, their past projects and preferences, your team always looks familiar with the client. This improves customer loyalty as it not only makes dealing with your business faster and easier than seeking alternatives but also makes the client feel they are important (after all, everyone knows their name). 

Sell better

If you are keeping track of what your customers are ordering, asking for, agreeing to and rejecting you get stronger insights into your customer's wants and needs. By getting these key insights into what is selling best with the data recorded in your project management system you can shape your offerings to appeal more to your existing and potential customers. After all, your business exists because you’re able to fill a need in your client’s lives, so the better you’re able to meet that need, the more likely you are to foster loyal customers and improve the success of your organisation.

Because you have identified through your project management system the most loyal clients, you also have an audience that may be willing to try out your new offerings and give you honest feedback on what they like and how they feel you can improve.

Limit information loss

As your leads or clients change hands, or people leave your business, it's natural that you might lose some information about your customers. You can limit this by having a written record of your customers and their projects. CRM can help you keep your client's historical data for longer and not rely on staff to remember details as your client base grows. 

Keeping track of all quotes, projects, assets and notes created for your clients in one place makes it easy for anyone in your team to jump in and understand the client. Information is easy to save and easy to find again when you need it.

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Identify “True Friends” customers

“True friends” your business are high profit, repeat customers. These customers keep coming back for more in a way that benefits your business time and time again. With a project management system that assigns projects to clients, it’s easy to find the accounts that you should focus on. You can pinpoint clients with frequent, high revenue work to build a strong relationship with.

Working closely with these clients to build customer loyalty helps your business to foster repeat, profitable work. Whether you use this information to implement a loyalty program, or simply to pull together your Christmas gift list, by taking a structured approach you are able to eliminate wasted time and money fostering unprofitable relationships. CRM systems enable this by making the information readily available without the need for deliberate data gathering or analysis.

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