4 Reasons Project Tracking Is Easy With WorkGuru.io Kiosk

WorkGuru | 4 Reasons Project Tracking Is Easy With WorkGuru.io Kiosk

The WorkGuru Kiosk lets staff input project information quickly and with minimal admin time making project tracking in the workshop or on the go a breeze.

Once your team are set up with a log-in and PIN number they can report on project work in a couple of seconds without disrupting their workflow. Here are four things that your team can do on the kiosk that makes their record-keeping easier and improve project tracking in your business:

Adding in timesheets

Your team can input the time they spend on projects with a couple of clicks. Your team have the choice to submit:

  • a time entry with a date
  • start time and end time
  • or start & stop a job timer

This information is saved against the project so that you can gauge how long the task has taken and check hours spent vs hours quoted. Timesheet information can also be used to assist with payroll. It makes time tracking for your projects quick and reliable while minimising admin & data entry.

One WorkGuru client, Hydromech Hoist & Crane uses the kiosk every day.

“We have one computer on the floor that manages all the staff’s time and all of the projects – it couldn’t be more simple!”.

Check your timesheets

The kiosk lets staff quickly review their timesheets in real-time to make sure they are all correct and accurate. The kiosk will show the task, projects, start and end times so your team can have peace of mind that their time is logged correctly. 

Logging material usage 

The kiosk makes it easy to log the materials that your team are using on the project. Logging used parts that are assigned to the project makes managing stock and project costs easy and seamless. 

Your team can log in to check the quantity of stock on hand, and log any materials that they’ve used. They can even speed up the process if everything goes to plan, by hitting the “use all forecast materials” button to remove every planned item from stock. 

It only takes a couple of clicks and can help you make project tracking easier in your business.

Check, Use And Update Stock In Less Than 30 Secs With WorkGuru” goes further into detail.

Add in project notes

Sometimes, your team may want to add in notes to keep a permanent record along with the project. It could be anything from why they had to use two items from stock when only one was quoted, to noting a call from the client. 

By simply selecting the right project from a dropdown menu, your team can type in and log a note. It will be assigned the project as a time and datestamped note. 

Take a lot at how easy the Kiosk is to use

Watch our video to see how quickly the kiosk can be used.