Check, use and update stock in less than 30 Secs with WorkGuru

Running a workshop can keep you very busy. Staff can often struggle to find the time to  keep your records up to date. 

Not having accurate records can cause massive headaches, so WorkGuru makes it easy to have real-time information. That’s why you can find relevant stock levels right from the project overview.

Any team member can see a report of what will be needed for a project, and how many units are in stock. It's super easy to raise a PO to get more ordered too.

By logging in to the WorkGuru kiosk or website, your team can log an item they pull from stock in a couple of seconds. It’s super easy to tell the system what they used. They can keep the records up to date and, at the same time, track the work they did on the project. 

Better yet, the system takes these project updates, and automatically updates the stock on hand record. 

All of this can happen in less than 30 secs and all on one page, so your team can spend more time completing projects than updating records. Here’s what that would look like for your team. 


Need help with stock control?

WorkGuru is specifically designed for businesses that build, repair and design assets. Stock control is just one function that can help save you time and give you more control of your business. 

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