3 ways to use WorkGuru’s production job tools

WorkGuru | 3 ways to use WorkGuru’s production job tools

Ever make stock for your business without a client in mind? WorkGuru’s production jobs tools let you manage your costs and time while making it easy to add stock you’ve made to your warehouse.

Here are four ways that production jobs in WorkGuru will make your life easier.


Manage time and schedule on your production jobs

By creating a project to manage your production job, you can better track and understand your actual costs on that work. 

Production Jobs in WorkGuru let you get insights into the true costs of producing stock, including the cost of your team’s time. You are also able to make sure that your team have time to work on projects and production tasks and schedule the expected start and end dates for the task.


Automatically add output to stock

Production jobs take the admin time out of managing your stock when creating products. At the start of the production job, you can enter an estimate of how many products yous looking to produce. You can add any number of products, at any quantity level.

At the end of the project, you can confirm the actual number that you produced, and these will be automatically added to your stock! Best of all, the costs you report from materials and time will be divided out across the stock produced, so you can always get a clear understanding of your FIFO costs when using stock on projects.


Create templates to speed up the process

Helping you save even more time, WorkGuru’s project templates are also available on production jobs. It means that if you produce similar production runs time and time again you can save time by templating those inputs and outputs. Save your team time and admin and give them more time to work on the project. 

How Project Templates Can Help You Save 100s Of Hours


Take a sneak peek at Production Job tools

Want to know more about production jobs in WorkGuru? Here’s a quick look at how easy it is to add in, management and closeout production jobs.


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WorkGuru | 3 ways to use WorkGuru’s production job tools