How project templates can help you save 100s of hours

WorkGuru | How project templates can help you save 100s of hours

At WorkGuru we’re all about uncovering hidden costs to improve profitability and productivity. One of the biggest ways that a job management system can help you with this is by templating the things your staff are doing every day. While it might only save your team a few minutes each time, it quickly adds up to hours per staff member every month!

What are the key benefits of project templates?

Save time

Once your templates are set up, your team can quickly send out a quote and set up a project. The more elements and complexity you have in your project the more important project templates will be to saving time.

Less room for error

Project templates help to provide a consistent framework for your projects. If you work on projects with a tonne of components and don’t have a template, then your relying on your staff to remember to do (and bill for) all the elements of that job. Moving that information onto a template means less room for human error.

Same look and feel

With templating, you can help projects and quotes to look and feel the same. It can be an important cue to your clients to help them trust how organised and professional your business is. It can also help your staff to more easily review projects if the layout remains consistent.


How do project templates work?

Project templates are flexible

Because businesses often operate in unique ways, project templates are designed to be flexible. You can set them up to cover all aspects of a project (eg. building a Deluxe trailer) or modules that are common in a lot of projects (eg. final safety checks). You can add multiple templates to one quote or project and build-out and modify as much as you need! You can even choose if you would like to keep the duplicate tasks and materials or combine them as best suits the project workflow.


Easy to create and modify

Creating a project template is just as easy as creating a project - but can save you hours of data entry down the line! It’s as simple as adding in a name and description for your template, then adding in the materials and labour you want. Modification is also easy so you can change your templates as your business develops.

If your projects are huge and complex, then you can even bulk upload your line items so you never need to manually enter them into WorkGuru!

WorkGuru | How project templates can help you save 100s of hours

Want to save time in your business?

Labour costs can be a huge part of your business expenses. The less time your team spends on admin, the more time they have to spend on work that produces revenue! Project templates are one way that WorkGuru helps you save time and improve your business profitability. 

If you want to learn more, the best next move is to book a free training session to get hands-on and see if the tools will work for your business.

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WorkGuru | How project templates can help you save 100s of hours