Get More From Your Free Trial Period With These 4 Secrets

WorkGuru | Get More From Your Free Trial Period With These 4 Secrets

Got a Free Trial for Project Management Software? Getting the most out of your trial can help you save time and choose the right software with confidence.

There are four things that you can do to help your business get real answers when you’re trialling new software options. 

Don’t trial too many options at once

Trialling different options at the same time can feel like a faster way to help you find the right option. In reality, if you overload your team with too many options you will end up not getting a real idea of what any of the options can do. 

If you look at too many options at once your team won’t have time to properly learn, try and evaluate the effectiveness. The right number of options will vary depending on the size of your team and if you’re able to split your team into different trial groups. For small businesses, 1-2 trials at once would give you the most accurate results and give your team time to really understand the software.

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Have SMART goals before you start

If you don’t go into trialling software with clear goals then it can be hard to judge how well each option compares objectively. 

SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) can help you make sure that you are holding all the software you trial to the same standard and more easily benchmark success.  

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Ask questions often!

It’s a common pitfall for a lot of businesses on trial. When there are roadblocks or something doesn’t seem to be working right, it can be hard to find the time to find a way forward and the free trial period expires while there are questions still on the table. 

The fastest way to overcome this is to keep in touch with your sales rep throughout the trial period. Ask all the questions you need to evaluate the software and get it working for your business and get help when you need it. 

The sales rep can help you properly evaluate the software without avoidable issues taking up your trial period. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to test out the customer service of the business that you’re considering. 

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Have an internal advocate

No matter what the size of your business or how important new software is, it can be easy to put your trial on the backburner if things get busy. Before you know it the free trial period is over and you’re no closer to making a decision.

Having someone on your team assigned to managing the trial can help keep your whole team on task. Having someone who is on the tools, able to spot issues that occur and provide feedback on how the trial is going is ideal to be your “trial advocate”. 

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