Get More From Your Free Trial Period With These 4 Steps

WorkGuru | Get More From Your Free Trial Period With These 4 Steps

Have you got a free trial period for Project Management Software? Getting the most out of your free trial period can be critical to assessing how well the software aligns with your operational needs and can lead to significant time and cost savings.

Discover four pivotal strategies to extract genuine value and make informed decisions during your software trial.

1. Don’t try too many options at once

Trialling different options during your free trial period can seem like a faster way to find the right one. In reality, if you overload your team with too many options, you will not get a real idea of what any of the options can do. 

If you consider too many options at once, your team won't have enough time to evaluate their effectiveness properly. The correct number of options will vary depending on the size of your team and whether you can split it into different trial groups. For small businesses, 1-2 trials at once during the free trial period would give you the most accurate results and give your team time to understand the software.

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2. Set SMART goals to guide your trial

Without clear, measurable goals, assessing the software's effectiveness becomes subjective and imprecise. SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) pave the way for objective comparison, providing tangible benchmarks to measure each software's impact.
Example Goal Setting: Let's say your objective is to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of timesheet management in an industrial setting, such as a manufacturing plant or a construction site. A Smart goal for your trial period might be to reduce the time spent on timesheet entry and approval processes by 10% within a month.

Learn how to set SMART goals for business.gov.au

3. Ask questions often!

Not talking during a free trial period is a waste of time. If you keep in touch with the software company, you can learn about useful features you didn't see at first and fix any problems that arise.

Insightful Interaction: Talking to the software's support team can help you learn about special features or quicker ways to do things. For example, a construction company found a way to connect the software with its accounting system just by asking, which helped it work faster and better.

The sales rep can guide you in evaluating the software properly, making sure you don't waste your trial period on issues that could be avoided. This also lets you check the customer service of the company you're considering choosing. 

WorkGuru is all about giving users a helping hand during their trial. We provide free, full training to ensure you can use every part of our software effectively. This way, you avoid common mistakes or confusion and get a real feel for how our service can benefit your business.

WorkGuru offers free training before you sign-up. Here are three reasons why that’s important.

4. Have an internal advocate during the free trial period

The efficacy of a trial often hinges on internal management. Designating a trial advocate ensures focused and systematic evaluation, preventing the trial from becoming a side note.

Effective Advocacy: The advocate, ideally someone with direct experience in the projects being managed, can provide invaluable insights into how well the software meets the team's needs. For example, a senior engineer discovered special features in WorkGuru that cut down on the time needed for project reports. This helpful enhancement might have been missed if no one was paying close attention.

Assigning someone on your team to manage the trial can help keep everyone on task. It is ideal to have someone with the necessary tools to identify issues and provide feedback on how the free trial period progresses, thus acting as your "trial advocate".

Wrapping Up: getting the most out of your trial period.

Maximising the benefits from a free trial period in project management software isn’t just about using the software. It’s about strategic evaluation, intentional communication, and systematic exploration, guided by clear objectives and dedicated leadership.

WorkGuru’s approach to free trials emphasises this comprehensive understanding. We don’t just offer software; we provide a partnership in streamlining your project management processes. From initial inquiry to detailed training and dedicated support, we ensure your trial period is a robust foundation for informed decision-making and long-term success.

In conclusion, leveraging these four secrets during your free trial with WorkGuru or any other project management tool can significantly enhance your understanding and ensure that the chosen software perfectly aligns with your business’s needs and goals. Make your free trial period count by being methodical, goal-oriented, inquisitive, and organised to pave the way for successful software implementation and operational excellence.

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