Best ERP alternative for small businesses

WorkGuru | Best ERP alternative for small businesses

What is an ERP?

ERPs, or enterprise resource planning software, are programs that help you track and manage a wide range of business functions. Its software that’s designed to help you manage your business as a whole.

You’ll often find that ERPs have CRM, stock, time tracking, projects, finances, capacity, & human resource tracking tools. You can think of it as a combo of all business apps & software in one place.

Does your business need an ERP? 

Ultimately, what software your business needs to facilitate growth and achieve your goals is a nuanced decision. Engaging a business consultant can help you make the right decisions. 

Generally speaking though, it might be time to upgrade if you find that your business has outgrown its existing tools. If you have spreadsheets that keep corrupting or having saving issues as multiple staff update them at once, it might be time. Or if you feel as though you are losing money on the stock you buy and need more visibility, then that could also be a sign. 

But is an ERP the right upgrade move? 

Typically speaking, traditional ERPs can be very cost-prohibitive, both with high set-up costs and prohibitive ongoing fees. The systems need a lot of customization and can be a lot of overkill for small to medium-sized businesses.

Plus, if your making the leap from pen-and-paper systems, spreadsheets, or even single-function programs then the jump to an ERP will likely be overwhelming to your team. If the learning curb is too steep, then you’ll a) need to add to the costs of your implementation to get training support and b) it may take much longer to start to see the benefits of your investment. 

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Where does WorkGuru come in?

WorkGuru Project Management Made Easy

WorkGuru was created when the founders saw that there wasn’t a good solution that helped bridge the gap between single-purpose software and full-ERP for Aussie businesses. There are a lot of advantages to ERPs that can help accelerate business growth, and WorkGuru.io replicates the most practical benefits without the excessive price and customization requirements. 

It makes it easier to train your team, with less of a jump in technology, but still more features than standard project management software. You’ll be able to manage CRM, timesheets, stock, purchases, quoting, invoicing, projects and capacity together. At the same time, it’s easy to transfer information into WorkGuru using spreadsheets. 

Because it still has the features your business needs, WorkGuru can stay with your business as it grows, meaning you don’t need to worry about outgrowing the tools. It’s easy to add in new users as you grow your team and it supports multiple currencies and landed costs to help you work internationally.

Interested? Book in a free product demo to learn more. 

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