How job tracking software improves your business results

WorkGuru | How job tracking software  improves your business results

Have you been umming and erring over getting or upgrading your job tracking software? It can be a tricky decision, as implementing a new system can mean a big upheaval of your business. But, armed with the right tools, job tracking software can be the very thing that drives your business growth. 

Here are the top three ways that job tracking software can have a huge impact on your business. 

Job tracking software can help you with...

Increasing your profits

Without visibility, it can be hard (even impossible) to know which jobs are making money and which ones aren’t. Team members that seem busy might be consistently underquoting, others might be quoting for one item, but using a more expensive one. Often, our intuition can lead us astray when it comes to working out where our businesses are most profitable. 

Having tools that give you accurate data on what jobs, team members and products contribute the most to your bottom line means you can make informed decisions. You can identify and improve tasks that consistently lose you money, and champion the types of work that produce the highest margins.

Reducing business costs

When you have better visibility, you can reduce some of the costs associated with your projects. For example, if your job tracking software tracks the stock you use, you can start to get insights into what stock you use frequently, and what stock you don’t. 

This can help you reduce the stock you keep on the shelves, which could reduce your storage costs. It might also mean you can access bulk discounts on popular items you use all the time. 

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Reducing time spent on admin

A good job tracking system can also help you and your team save heaps of time. With tools that help you template common projects, quickly find historic information and produce new quotes, you can get the behind-the-scenes work happening quickly. 

It means that you can fit more profitable work into your working hours, helping you make more money with the same resources. Plus, with increased visibility into your business, job tracking software give you the tools you need to assess how much time you’ve saved. 

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So with greater visibility, improved profitability reduced costs and more admin time, the right job costing software can dramatically change your business and its growth potential. So, while taking the time to find and introduce the right system can feel like a big investment, it can be the next big step for your business.