Explore how FWR Pty Ltd, a leading player in the manufacturing of heavy haulage trailers, engaged WorkGuru to assist in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and boosting profitability. This case study highlights the transformation from outdated systems to a comprehensive management platform, setting a new standard in operational efficiency.

About the Company

FWR Pty Ltd, established in 2013 by Arron MacCue, started as a one-man operation in Brisbane, Queensland. Initially, Arron utilised his skills as a boilermaker welder to provide detailed, competitively priced, and timely products from a small workshop. 

Today, under his leadership, FWR Pty Ltd operates out of a 12,000-square-metre facility and manufactures over 500 trailers annually. The company produces heavy haulage trailers with high-quality components and caters to retail owner-operators, fleets, and distributors.
FWR Installations

The Challenge For FWR

FWR faced significant challenges with its previous job management software, WorkflowMax by Xero. The system's limitations included inefficient manual data entry for clock-in/clock-out, inadequate purchase capability, and an inability to allocate purchases or track jobs effectively. These issues led to operational inefficiencies.  

The software's limited project tracking capabilities made monitoring ongoing projects' progress and costs difficult. This often led to budget overruns and resource misallocation, further straining the company's operational efficiency. Manual tracking and updating project details consumed valuable time and effort, diverting focus from more critical tasks.
“The WorkGuru interface was user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even my less tech-savvy operators found it easy to use. They knew from day one how to create a purchase order and use the purchase order templates, which helped streamline their work and allowed them to focus on other aspects of the business.”

- Arron MacCue, Director & Owner

Key Benefits

Improved Profitability
Increased Productivity
Double the Cashflow


After an exhaustive search for a better job management tool, FWR chose WorkGuru for its exceptional functionality, affordability, and user-friendliness. The implementation process was internal, led by Michael Davis, and involved extensive training for the FWR team. WorkGuru’s comprehensive set of tools for inventory management, customer relationship management, and real-time operational support provided the perfect solution to their challenges.

During our interview, Arron revealed that he was initially apprehensive about trying out new software, as many of them required training to be used to their full potential. However, after the trial, he was pleasantly surprised about how easy and user-friendly the interface was. This led to quick adoption across the company, significantly improving daily operations and overall efficiency.
"There are other aspects that I love about WorkGuru, such as the fact that I can call Tony (one of the Co-Founders at WorkGuru) and make suggestions and minor tweaks to the software to help run our business better. Given how we’re using the software, I feel like it’s probably stopped me from putting an extra two or three people on in the office."
Arron MacCue
Director at FWR


"We've increased our throughput by 100%, and thanks to WorkGuru, I haven't put on any additional staff in the office."

- Arron MacCue, FWR
Implementing WorkGuru transformed FWR's operations. Real-time project monitoring enabled instant updates, reducing delivery times and improving client satisfaction. Precise resource allocation reduced waste and increased operational efficiency, allowing FWR to double its production without adding administrative staff.

WorkGuru's advanced inventory management tools optimised stock levels, reduced waste, and improved the supply chain. The user-friendly interface allowed quick adoption across the company, significantly impacting daily operations. Enhanced customer service features ensure fast response times and personalised service.


The strategic implementation of WorkGuru has revolutionised FWR's operations, making it a model of efficiency and responsiveness. Arron's advice to other businesses considering WorkGuru: "Upgrading is not as big a job as you think it is. Once you get in there, it's like a kid with an iPad. You know where everything is within a couple of days. It's perfect." 

Are you ready to transform your business operations like FWR? Contact us to schedule a free trial today and discover how WorkGuru can help you achieve operational excellence and drive business growth.

businesses who use workguru, love it

Before WorkGuru, we might not have realised we already had $50,000 worth of stock on hand and ordered more unnecessarily. Thanks to WorkGuru, our operations are smoother, our team is better equipped, and our clients are happier. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
Hydromech Hoist and Crane
We love the ability to customise many of the features to suit our business and it has definitely had a positive impact on our understanding of what jobs make us money and what jobs don’t.
Fortuna Straightline Engineering
A lot of apps do one thing really well but could never do everything we needed. WorkGuru is just different...Things are just where you'd expect them to be. The whole platform is super intuitive. We've always felt that WorkGuru has our back. I'd happily give them a 10/10 for customer service.
Conveyor Belt Company
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