5 Ways WorkGuru Can Help You Manage Your Stock Easier

WorkGuru | 5 Ways WorkGuru Can Help You Manage Your Stock Easier

In a time when Aussie businesses have been more impacted than ever by shortages, freight delays and unpredictable supply chain changes we thought we’d take the time to explain how WorkGuru can help you manage your stock control and supply chain better.

Using the recommendations given in a recent Australian Manufacturing article as a framework, here’s how WorkGuru is able to help. 


Understanding Stock levels and shortages

With real-time data, you and your team can track what you have on hand, what’s needed for your projects and what's been used. In fact, your team can quickly check, use, and update stock in less than 30 seconds from your project dashboard.

WorkGuru also has robust reporting features, which means you can show you where potential shortages are in your business, based on the number required and the number of items on hand and ordered. It will even tell you how much the needed stock is likely to cost your business. It also lets you order the products you’re going to need in just a couple of clicks. 


Available in real-time, anywhere

Being cloud-based, you and your team can access all your business ops from the warehouse, factory, on the road or in a clients office. You’re only ever a username and password from keeping up-to-date with your business information and stock information. 

Not only that but because your staff can log on, even when working on remote sites, it’s possible to keep all your records up to date, all the time. Your team can record the stock they use, make notes about the projects straight away. 


Data that’s easy to see, use and understand

Collecting real-time data would be a waste of time if the data you collected wasn’t useful. WorkGuru helps you keep track of your stock levels and displays this information at useful points during the quoting process and in the project dashboard. 

The FIFO stock control system allows you to fully understand your project margins. It means that if you negotiate a good, one-off deal with your supplier, those prices will be reflected in your projects. So, you are in a position where you can pass on the savings to your customers, or enjoy a larger profit margin. 


Intuitive and friendly tools

It’s no secret that WorkGuru has a tonne of powerful features, but serious work has gone into making them user-friendly for your whole team. There is no point in a complete operations management system if it can’t be used easily by everyone.

WorkGuru makes all features easy to find and use, and has an extensive support website to help you get the most out of your subscription. Plus our team are on hand to help with support and fixes needed. 

The WorkGuru Kiosk can also help your team get things done faster with a simple interface. The Kiosk helps your team login and record stock usage in a couple of seconds. It means your records stay up-to-date without disrupting your team’s work.

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Get a single source of truth in your business

Because WorkGuru can be updated quickly, it can become a very well trusted source of information in your business. Linking stock to projects, quotes and more means that many points of data will be updated and checked quite organically as you work. It also means that all these functions are adding to, and taking from, the same source of information, meaning there is a limited chance for conflicting records. You’ll always know how much stock you have on hand no matter if you're looking in the stock list or your project dashboard. 

Because you can link WorkGuru to your Xero account, there is also no need to double enter data and leads to less room for error. 


Want more control over your business? 

WorkGuru can help you uncover and understand your costs, stock usage, project margins and productivity better.  Get greater visibility and control of your business with WorkGuru. 

Contact the WorkGuru team for a free demo of the software to see how it can support your business operations in FY22.

WorkGuru | 5 Ways WorkGuru Can Help You Manage Your Stock Easier