New Release: Get your quotes approved with the WorkGuru quoting sign-off tools

Being able to get a quick, confirmed ‘Yes” on a quote can help your team be more productive. With this in mind, WorkGuru has built new quoting sign-off tools to help you get your quotes approved faster.

Here’s how it works…

Send your quote

Building your quote hasn’t changed. Once your quote is ready, send it out to your customer.

Receiving your quote

Your potential customer will get an email with a link to view their quote. This link will expire after a set time, so you don’t have to worry about out-of-date quotes causing you problems.

Approving your quote

In order to approve, the receiver has to view every page of your quote or proposal document. Then, it’s really easy to sign and approve. Both you and the customer will get an email confirming the signed quote.

Starting your project

WorkGuru can now do the heavy lifting for you. When a quote is approved from the portal, a new project will be created, and the quote owner will be sent a link to access it straight away.

A signed copy of the quote will be attached as a file to the quote in WorkGuru so you can keep a permanent record, automatically.

Where can I access the quoting tools?

We are currently running them in beta, and rolling out slowly to all users. If you are interested in accessing sooner, reach out to express your interest. 

Click here to reach out.

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