4 Ways WorkGuru helps you manage your contacts

WorkGuru | 4 Ways WorkGuru helps you manage your contacts

WorkGuru’s robust client & contact records have a lot of features that help you to manage your contacts and clients.

A lot of businesses underestimate the importance of a strong CRM system, but a powerful system has a lot to offer. An easy to use CRM helps your staff to understand the client and their needs, as well as many other benefits.


Here are the top ways you can manage your contacts with WorkGuru.io

Import your existing clients and contacts

If you are moving from an existing CRM to WorkGuru, then bulk uploads can save you a heap of time. You will be able to upload 1000s of clients (businesses or households that you work with) and contacts (the people you communicate with) in a matter of minutes. 

WorkGuru has templates to help you import this information, you can download them here.


Mark your leads as won or lost

WorkGuru’s lead tracker can help you track active leads. The lead tracker can show you a tonne of useful information. You can check the status (whether a lead is won or lost), the category (warm, hot or cold) and the stage (have you sent them a quote, booked in a chat etc). It’s a great way to understand your pipeline and your sales.

You can also search your leads by a lot of different factors to easily find the right deal. You can search by the staff member who is watching over them, the name or the unique lead number of that deal to quickly bring up the lead’s information.


Keep a record of projects and assets & more

It‘s very easy to bring up your client’s details and work history in a couple of clicks. All previous and current projects, quotes, leads, assets and invoices that are assigned to that client can be easily found and updated. Clients can also be given access to custom pricing or granted credit notes, and these records can also be found on the client record. 


Because all previous work is easily found, your team can act much faster to help a returning client, even if their usual contact is not there. It’s super quick to see what they were previously quoted, what assets they have brought in before, and any other notes that are left. If they have custom price tiers set up, these are also assigned automatically to relevant quotes. 


Record detailed information with custom fields

You can store heaps of information including ABN numbers and credit terms to your client records, and notes and contact details for contacts. 

With custom fields, you can also add any other information that you need to the client record. If there are any essential industry or business-specific information you need, then WorkGuru lets you add that in. Custom fields are fully searchable so you can use them to record unique IDs, like members cards numbers. 


Want to manage your contacts better? 

If you build, fix, maintain or design assets and want better visibility and management of your client information then WorkGuru might be the right fit. Combining CRM, job management, stock control and asset management (and much more) it’s a total business operations platform. 

Contact the team today to get a free training session and explore WorkGuru’s features. 

WorkGuru | 4 Ways WorkGuru helps you manage your contacts

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