This stock control tool helps you stay stocked up in a few clicks

WorkGuru | This stock control tool helps you stay stocked up in a few clicks

Keeping your stock records up to date can feel like a constant battle.  It can be a headache to try to keep essential items in stock without overstocking. 

Enter WorkGuru.io’s BuyingGuru. It’s a handy tool that lets you order stock you’re running low on in only a couple of minutes with no more headaches. 

BuyingGuru lets you check your stock levels and reorder quickly

BuyingGuru is a reporting tool in WorkGuru.io that lets you quickly check your stock levels on all your stock. It works by comparing the current stock levels to your par levels. So, the report can let you know if you have less than your par level, and prompt you to order more. 

Because WorkGuru.io is built to let your team update the stock levels as they work, the BuyingGuru tool is very effective at keeping your stock levels where you need them.

Learn more: "Costs and benefits of holding stock" on business.qld.gov.au

Here’s how it works in three steps

Set your par levels

For the BuyingGuru tool to work, you need to enter your ideal par levels for stock. You don’t need to add it for every item, just the essentials that you’d like to keep updated in the BuyingGuru tool. 

Setting your par levels is easy, simply click on the product item in the admin menu and enter the ideal par level for that item. 

WorkGuru | This stock control tool helps you stay stocked up in a few clicks

Run the report

When you want to check your stock levels, simply run a report in WorkGuru.io. The BuyingGuru report can be found in the report tab with over 40 other reports. Choice the location you would like to report on, and the supplier of the goods if desired. 

The report takes into account your stock on hand and stock that’s due to be received (so don’t worry about accidentally ordering twice!)

Rather than having to physically check stock, item by item, you’re able to run a quick report and have all the information you need in a matter of seconds rather than minutes or hours. 

Best of all, you can fix the problem just as quickly. With a click of a button, you can generate purchase orders to your standard suppliers that will get you back up to par level.

WorkGuru | This stock control tool helps you stay stocked up in a few clicks

Send purchase orders out

Once you’ve ordered the materials from the  BuyingGuru report, you’ll be sent to the Purchase Orders dashboard where you can quickly approve and send the newly created purchase orders. It’s just that simple. 

Because each section of the process is discrete, you can have one person do it all or assign different people to each role depending on how your business is set up.

Learn more about Stock Control in WorkGuru.io or contact us for a free demo.

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