3 things you can do to your quotes to win more projects

WorkGuru | 3 things you can do to your quotes to win more projects

Quotes: simple to learn and difficult to master. With so much to consider, each factor of your quote can affect how likely you are to win work. Here are some tips on how you can up your quoting game without changing the amount you charge. 

Move fast

When a customer asks for work, getting a quote to them quickly can help them pick you over your competitors. Getting a quote quickly can help a customer feel you prioritise them.

It demonstrates competence and organisation which helps build their confidence in your business. Plus, you get your quote out before your competitors, meaning they might choose you before other businesses even get a look in. 

Of course, it’s key to not sacrifice quality or accuracy to get your quote out fast but to build systems, templates and processes that help you get good quotes out fast. 

If you aren’t able to quote quickly, like when the job is very bespoke, it’s important to stay in touch with the potential customer and let them know you haven’t forgotten them!

Use quotes as a sales tool

In a lot of cases, the quote will be the first formal communication a customer will receive from your business, and it might be the only thing they used to make their decision. Because of that, it’s important to make it easy to read and well branded. There are also more things you can do to help sell your business on your quote.

For example, don’t forget to include your value-adds on your quote even if they’re free. If you offer a six-month warranty, include it. A monthly check-up after the job is done? Include it! You can even include your review rating, awards you’ve won and other benefits your business can offer in your quote template.

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Be transparent

While there are a lot of great things you can add to the quote, remember that the key information that the customer needs to make a decision need to be easy to read. 

The work you're undertaking, the amount you’re expecting the customer to pay, payment methods and when money would be due should be really easy to read and understand. 

If this information is too complicated your quote might fall into the “too hard” category and lose you the job. 

You might have the best pricing and value, but if your customers can’t see that on the quote, then they won’t choose you.

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Want help getting quotes out the door on time?

WorkGuru is a job costing solution that can help you with everything from quoting to the final invoice. 

WorkGuru’s powerful tools mean you can forecast your costs, see your margins on quotes and create templates to quote faster. 

Find out more about how WorkGuru can help you template your quotes, projects and more. Book in a free demo today or take a look at our powerful quoting tools.

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