How WorkGuru's Xero Integration saves you time

WorkGuru | How WorkGuru's Xero Integration saves you time

WorkGuru.io’s platform is all about making running your business as simple as possible. Double-entry of data,  multiple records to update and systems that don’t talk to each other are all hidden productivity killers that WorkGuru aims to destroy! One way this is done is by integrating with Xero so you only need to add information once.

With WorkGuru’s powerful project and inventory management, combined with Xero’s world-leading accounting software, you can truly take your business to the next level. 

Setting up Xero Integration to save time

WorkGuru can send Sales Invoices, Bills from Purchase Order, Cost of Goods Sold journals and Contracts into Xero.  

Importantly, you stay in control of your data – nothing is sent or received without your explicit permission. Setting up your data syncing is super simple with only five steps, and you can also check and change your syncing setting to match your business needs.

No matter what is important for you, you can save your business loads of time by making sure your project management software and accounting platform talk to each other. It means that all information stays up to date, so it’s much faster and easier to check your business records too. 

Easy to manage and update

To take a look at your settings and send data to WorkGuru, it’s as simple as visiting WorkGuru and navigating to Accounting > Xero. Here you will be able to check if the information is up-to-date and send an invoice, cost of goods and timesheet information to Xero in a couple of clicks.

Xero Integration with WorkGuru

Looking for a project management solution that integrates with Xero?

Are you looking to save time in your business? WorkGuru just makes sense. It gives you more control of your business while saving you and your team time. Read more about how a project management system could help you, or reach out to the team today for a free training demo.