Is a lack of management software hurting your business?

WorkGuru | Is a lack of management software hurting your business?

Deciding what technology to invest in can be a tricky decision for you and your business. If you’re busy, then it can be hard to justify the downtime or hours of research to find a business management software that's a good fit. If you’re experiencing downtime, then it’s hard to feel that investing in management software is right.

But, putting off finding the best business management software could be hurting your business. Here's four things to bear in mind when deciding if it's time to upgrade your tools.

Bad software is costing you money

According to a study by MYOB and Forrester Consulting, businesses might be footing 28% more costs on average if they are using inefficient or ineffective management software. Not having effective management software can be a huge killer of productivity which stunts business growth and costs you valuable time and money. 

It’s something that WorkGuru hears from new customers all the time before coming on board too. 

“WorkGuru saves us over and over again on stock and staff time, plus we get so much visibility over what’s happening and that helps us save too,” commented Michael from Hydromech, a WorkGuru Customer. You can read their story here.

Just like any of the tools in your workshop, if your software isn’t working as it should then your team are going to spend less time on productive work. 


Keeping up with your competitors

Upgrading your business software to help improve your profitability, productivity and efficiency is all the rage. Back at the start of the year, Xero predicted that getting more help from technology would be driving businesses this year. 50% of small businesses surveyed were planning to move their IT to the cloud. Xero also found that businesses that used more business software apps were more resistant through COVID, and the investment in business software will likely increase.

With more and more businesses moving to new technology and the advantages it offers, falling behind can come with some disadvantages. If your competitors can quote faster than you, are able to keep their costs lower, and provide a faster better service easier, then winning new customers might get trickier. 

Conversely, getting set up sooner can turn these problems into advantages for your business that can help you win and keep more customers while making more on each project. 


Using spreadsheets limits how you use your own data

With spreadsheets, data isn’t able to be updated in real-time. That’s because it still needs to be manually updated which is also time-consuming, meaning the relationship between the data sets is unable to help with decision making or provide real insights.

Accurate maintenance of spreadsheets can often be difficult, especially when only a limited amount of detail can be listed for projects on single rows or columns. That means key steps can be easily missed, which pushes out project completion, usually with little or no notice at all. Spreadsheets unfortunately have no way of adjusting to accommodate these dependencies or new additional project tasks.

Learn more about how spreadsheets are killing your business


Are you able to capture new opportunities?

Having better visibility and control over your business can help you to level up your business operations. Having the right business management solution can mean saving time and money and give you more capacity to build your pipeline and grow your business. 

Having effective, easy to use tools like lead trackers, fast quoting tools and cost tracking can make a huge difference in how you and your team manage your business and projects. If you are managing your business from ineffective tools or spreadsheets then you could be missing out on hidden opportunities.

For example, if you don't have access to tools like recurring projects or project scheduling, then jobs and future project opportunities could fall through the gap. If you are able to set up a new project for 12 months time every time you do a service, you have a constant reminder to follow up existing customers and win recurring jobs.


Looking for effective business management software? 

WorkGuru is a project management solution that can help you with everything from quoting to the final invoice. If you are looking for a solution that can help you work and manage your business faster and smoother then WorkGuru is a great fit. 

Find out more about how WorkGuru can help you template your quotes, projects and more. Book in a free demo today.

WorkGuru | Is a lack of management software hurting your business?

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