4 Top Features that will Help You Manage Assets Better

WorkGuru | 4 Top Features that will Help You Manage Assets Better

Do you have a way to manage your equipment and understand what work you’ve done on customers' assets? If you build or service equipment, whether it is your own or your clients, WorkGuru lets you keep track of everything you’ve ever done on a piece of Plant.

You can track every hour, every part, every service, and who did it to keep your records 100% up to date!

Here are the four features that WorkGuru.io’s software offers that help to make asset management a breeze.

Easy to find and add information

Ease of use is critical for continued, accurate use of asset management records. If the tools you are using make it hard or frustrating to stay up-to-date, your team is more likely to start cutting corners. The less accurate the information, the less useful the system becomes and the less likely it will be used at all. 

But, if the software is easy to use then it can become a critical part of your business processes. For example, when a customer pulls up in their truck that you’re servicing, your team can quickly look up the Rego and see all the work previously done. It takes a couple of seconds and means a much smoother and easier conversation with the customer. 

You should look out for tools that make things easier, are quick to access and have great search tools.

Watch a quick summary of WorkGuru.io Asset Management

Talks to your other business systems

An asset management tool needs to stay up-to-date in order to be useful. One of the easiest ways to keep records accurate is to link your asset management to your other operations. That way, records can be updated organically as you work.

For example, WorkGuru keeps your job management, CRM, asset management and stock in one place. Because of this, WorkGuru is able to help you keep every record telling the same story. New projects that are done can be linked to an asset and the records will automatically stay updated in the background. 

Shows your past, present and future work

Part of understanding your assets is knowing their history. Getting a quick snapshot of what work has happened on the asset can help your team get started on a new project faster and uncover opportunities for more work. You might see that the asset had maintenance done six months ago and may be due to another service. 

These records can also help you understand how work was done in the past and keep a record of how assets looked. With good asset management software, you can see who completed past work and keep pictures and records of how the asset looked previously.

WorkGuru shows your past projects, invoices, materials used and timesheets. It links to the full record so you can get an overview or a complete picture. It also shows recurring and outstanding projects to see what’s ahead. Learn more on our support website.

Customised your business

Every business is unique and your needs will be unique too. The assets you need to track, how you need to track them, and the information you need to keep will differ wildly from other businesses, even in your same industry. So, the tools that you need to track your assets will need to be unique too.

Having tools that you can customise to meet your business needs can be hugely important. This doesn’t need to be an expensive custom build, it just needs to have enough flexibility to make sense to your workflow.

For example, WorkGuru is flexible around your workflow. You can add an asset to a project you’re building, or start a new project from your asset record. You can add custom fields to record extra information you might need, and make those fields mandatory. You can even search your custom records to find the assets. 

Want to level up your asset management?

Get in touch with WorkGuru.io for job costing and asset management tools.

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