Simplify Quoting & Stock Tracking with WorkGuru Kits

WorkGuru | Simplify Quoting & Stock Tracking with WorkGuru Kits

Kits in WorkGuru are a great way to group components together into a single SKU to use on Stock Sales or Projects.  A kit product is treated as a virtual product and can help you to create simpler quotes, and manage your stock easier.

WorkGuru | Simplify Quoting & Stock Tracking with WorkGuru Kits

Simplify your quoting

Because kit products allow you to ‘group’ components together, you can produce quotes that take into account your total cost, but only show the finished product. 

So, whether you’re building a piece of furniture with 8 main pieces or a full caravan with thousands, your customer will only see the item they are purchasing, but your team will see the full bill of materials behind the scenes. It’s a quick and simple way to simplify your quotes and can save you heaps of time on products that you make all the time.

Track Your Stock Better

If you often build the same of similar products, it can be important to keep track of the stock. If you only use a few components then it can be easy, but if you have 100s or 1000s of components then it gets a little trickier.

Kits can help you quickly maintain the stock levels for important products. The kit’s stock on hand number is based on the amount of stock you have of each of the components. 

For example, let's say that you have a chair whose BoM contains four legs, one seat, and one cushion. If there are 20 seats, 20 cushions, and 8 legs then the component's availability is broken down as follows:

Legs: 8 / 4 = 2

Cushions: 20 / 1 = 20

Seats: 20 / 1 = 20

The lowest stock on hand is 2 and therefore, that is the stock on hand for the kit in this example, and the number of chairs you could produce using the current stock of its components.

By checking the kit’s stock on hand, you can identify if it’s time to order in new stock.

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Looking for better quoting & stock control?

Kit products are just one of the tools WorkGuru offers that can help you manage your stock and projects better. Check out our quick product overview video to get a sneak peek at WorkGuru.io. To get a full overview of what you’re missing out on, book a free, personalised walkthrough today. 

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