Invoicing your customers is the lifeblood of any business, as without money, everything stops.

Invoicing should be fast, intuitive and enjoyable rather than being a chore that you dread.

Percentage Invoices

Getting an invoice out the door for 10, 50, or even 100% of a project is super fast with WorkGuru's percentage invoicing. Simply tell us what percentage you'd like to invoice your customer, and away you go!

Work in Progress Invoicing

When you want to invoice a customer for work you've done, but haven't invoiced them for, it shouldn't involve you doing the calculations! WorkGuru's WIP Invoicing handles all the heavy lifting for you to make it a breeze!

Milestone Invoicing

If you're invoicing a customer based on completion of Tasks or stages on a project, we can help!
Simply mark the task as complete, and tell WorkGuru to invoice completed, and Bob's your invoice!

Custom Invoicing

Do you need invoicing power that isn't covered by the other three options? Too easy!
WorkGuru lets you invoice a percentage, an amount, or a quantity of every line item in your project, to make sure that you're always in complete control!

WorkGuru Project Management Made Easy

Make your invoices represent your brand with our custom Document Templates. You can not only use your own logos and branding, you can control what the customers sees, and how! 

You should never have to enter data twice, and WorkGuru’s integration with leading accounting platforms ensures that when you raise an invoice in WorkGuru, it ends up in your accounting package, with no data entry required!

Do you have clients who need to pay by card at the counter? WorkGuru supports recording that payment in our back office interface, and synching with your accounting system so there’s no manual reconciliation to do!

Do you have times when you’ve got multiple jobs for the same client, and they want a single invoice? Do you have jobs that repeat every month, that invoicing is a pain? 

Take the drama out of it with Project Group invoicing, and quickly and simply raise dozens of invoices in a few clicks!

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Get your sales process started on the right foot, by generating a detailed formal quote for your clients.


WorkGuru lets you forecast your costs and your margins as you go, to make sure you’re never in the red before you start!
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Stock Control

Stock Control is an incredibly important part of your business and we’re here to help.

Stock Control

With functionality to track thousands of items, in multiple warehouses, WorkGuru is your go-to solution for your inventory needs
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Document Management

Keeping your documents together on a job is crucial to knowing what’s happening.

Document Management

Managing your documents, and keeping track of your paper trail is made easier with WorkGuru.
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Purchasing for your business is incredibly important, and that’s why WorkGuru makes it easy


Know what you’ve ordered, from who and when it’s coming in. Whether you’re ordering for a job, or buying stock for the shelves, we’ve got you covered.
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