Conveyor Belt Company


This case study explores how Conveyor Belt Company, a key provider of conveyor solutions in Rockhampton and Dalby, leveraged WorkGuru to streamline their project management and inventory systems. Discover the transformative impact of integrating a comprehensive platform that enhanced their operational efficiency and customer service.

About the Company

Founded in 2009, Conveyor Belt Company has been a hub for all things related to conveyor belts in the Darling Downs region. The company serves various regional businesses, and its mission has been to minimise downtime and keep systems operational with high-quality and timely services.
Conveyor Belt Company

The Challenge For Conveyor Belt Comapany

Conveyor Belt Company is pivotal in supplying conveyor solutions in Rockhampton and Dalby. They faced significant challenges with their existing project management system. The main problem was that their system couldn't handle inventory management properly, which was essential for their operation. The inefficiency became a significant hurdle as inventory mismanagement led to potential delays and impacted the company's ability to address client needs swiftly. The owner, Nolan Keen, expressed growing frustration with finding an integrated solution to manage inventory alongside other business functions effectively.

Nolan discovered that their former inventory management system treated inventory management as a secondary function rather than a core feature. The result was frequent stockouts and an inability to respond quickly to customer needs. The system was a real letdown and caused delays and frustrations. As a result, operations and customers were unhappy.

"We promise our customers fast and efficient service to help get their business back up and running as soon as possible if something goes wrong. Having WorkGuru keeping track of what we have on hand has been crucial to keeping that promise".

- Nolan Keen, Owner at Conveyor Belt Company

Key Benefits

Inventory Control
Project Management
Operational Efficiency
Client Satisfaction


Conveyor Belt Company
In 2020, our platform was introduced to Conveyor Belt Company through The Rype Group partner, and it quickly became evident that WorkGuru was the perfect solution for their requirements. WorkGuru is designed to address inventory management challenges faced by businesses. The robust inventory system offers real-time visibility and control over stock levels, ensuring materials are always ready and available, thus preventing operational setbacks that were too common for the company.

WorkGuru addressed the inventory management issue and provided a game-changing project management for Conveyor Belt Company. With WorkGuru, Nolan and his team could oversee projects from start to finish on a single platform, boosting efficiency and communication across the company. This tool streamlined task allocation, improved resource management, and facilitated real-time collaboration, leading to faster project delivery and higher client satisfaction.
"A lot of apps do one thing well but could never do everything we needed. WorkGuru is just different."
Nolan Keen
Conveyor Belt Company


Conveyor Belt Company has seen significant improvements in its operations since implementing WorkGuru. The software's real-time inventory management feature eliminated material shortages, reducing downtime and increasing reliability. WorkGuru's comprehensive job management software has improved internal communication, streamlined processes, and decreased project delivery times. As a result, the company has seen increased client satisfaction, stronger customer relationships, and repeat business.

“WorkGuru has made gathering, keeping and finding information for customers and past projects a breeze”, says Nolan.


Integrating WorkGuru at Conveyor Belt Company has been a transformative experience, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction. By leveraging our tailored inventory and project management solutions, Conveyor Belt Company has streamlined their processes, minimised downtime, and strengthened customer relationships, cementing its industry leader status.

WorkGuru remains an integral partner in their journey as they continue to expand and evolve, proving that the right tools can make all the difference in achieving sustained success.

Are you ready to transform your business operations and achieve similar success? Sign up for a free trial without credit cards or book a personalised demo with our experts. Discover how our comprehensive solutions can streamline your operations and elevate your business.

businesses who use workguru, love it

"Before WorkGuru, we might not have realised we already had $50,000 worth of stock on hand and ordered more unnecessarily. Thanks to WorkGuru, our operations are smoother, our team is better equipped, and our clients are happier. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
Hydromech Hoist and Crane PTy. ltd.
We love the ability to customise many of the features to suit our business and it has definitely had a positive impact on our understanding of what jobs make us money and what jobs don’t.
Fortuna Straightline Engineering
A lot of apps do one thing really well but could never do everything we needed. WorkGuru is just different...Things are just where you'd expect them to be, the whole platform is super intuitive. We've always felt that WorkGuru has our back. I'd happily give them a 10/10 for customer service.
Conveyor Belt Company
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