WorkGuru.io Wrap 2021 - The 5 biggest updates and changes of the year

WorkGuru | WorkGuru.io Wrap 2021 - The 5 biggest updates and changes of the year

What a year it’s been! During lockdowns, border changes and Olympic celebrations, the WorkGuru.io team have been hard at work adding features and improvements to the platform to help our users get even more value.

To round out the year, let’s recap the top five new features that were added in 2021 and what they mean for our customers.

#1 Quote Sign-Off

While still in beta, quote sign off tools helps businesses to secure work faster. The new quote sign-off tools let WorkGuru users send quotes to clients for them to review and sign digitally. It’s easy to send and even easier for the client to say yes.

Once the quote is signed, WorkGuru will send a confirmation email to the project manager and set up a new project for you, based on the information in the approved quote. It’s easy for customers and it saves your team time - it’s a win-win!

Learn more about quote sign off 

#2 Custom Reports

WorkGuru comes with over 40 ready to use reports, but with a growing number of businesses that had unique reporting needs, the team made the custom report builder. 

It’s now possible for users to create reports with the fields they need to see, and also save those reports for later use. It’s designed to make everyday use of the platform more flexible for all businesses.  

It also gives WorkGuru users the option to report on their own custom fields, which aren’t included in prebuilt reports.

Learn more about custom reports

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#3 BuyingGuru

A very exciting addition for users that rely on stock, Buying Guru helps you maintain your par levels and know when you’re running low. 

The report gives you visibility of your stock, the desired par level vs how many are on hand. The report also shows you how many are expected to arrive (purchased but not yet landed) and what your shortfall is compared to your par. 

From your report, you can create purchase orders for the stock you need, with your preferred suppliers, making it much easier to keep in stock and running smoothly. 

Learn how to set up BuyingGuru

#4 Custom Forms

One of the biggest features added to WorkGuru is custom forms. Whatever you need to report on or want a milestone, timestamped record of, Forms has you covered. 

The feature lets you create forms with any fields you need, including text, date, numbers, signature and dropdown.

You can use it to create SWMS forms, sign off forms, or timesheet approval forms for your onsite managers. Once a form is completed, it will be saved against a project record with information about who filled it out, and the date and time it was completed. 

Learn more about WorkGuru.io Forms

#5 Production Jobs

Do you manufacturer stock to keep on your shelves?  WorkGuru has made it easier to track your costs and stock when you make or assemble your own products. Production jobs are similar projects but designed to make it easy to track projects without an end client. 

Production jobs can help you assemble parts into whole new products, or dissemble singular products into multiple stock items. When you complete a production job, you confirm how many products you've created and WorkGuru will divide the cost of time and stock against the units created. 

Learn more about production jobs

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What else has changed?

With so many changes, improvements and new features, WorkGuru has completed more than 200 new releases this year, with routine fixes and updates! The dev team has definitely been working hard!

Plus, WorkGuru now integrates with other software to provide you with even more flexibility. You can integrate your WorkGuru account with your Tanda, Pinch or EzzyBills accounts. 

We can’t wait for another year of exciting changes and new features in 2022! Thanks to our customers, partners and team for an amazing year. 

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