WorkGuru’s Par Levels Help You Maintain Your Stock

WorkGuru | WorkGuru’s Par Levels Help You Maintain Your Stock

Do you have materials that you use all the time, or that are essential to your business? If there’s stock you are reliant on day after day, it can be very disruptive to run out of that product.

The solution? WorkGuru Par Level controls! In three steps you can set your business up to keep stocked up on the products you need to run smoothly.


Here’s how: 

Step 1: Set your par levels

The amount of stock you’ll want for each product will differ wildly, so you’re able to set different par levels for each product. To make life easy, WorkGuru has created a bulk import template that you can use to upload all your par levels at once. You can find that template and a detailed how-to on our support website, click here to view

If you have multiple locations with different focuses, you are able to set different par levels for each location. 


Step 2: Run a BuyingGuru report 

BuyingGuru is a clear report that checks the quantity and par levels of all your products for a location and alerts you to any shortfall. The report takes into account your stock on hand and stock that’s due to be received (so don’t worry about accidentally ordering twice!)

Rather than having to physically check stock, or checking your key products item by item, you’re able to run a quick report and have all the information you need in a matter of seconds rather than minutes or hours. 

Best of all, you can fix the problem just as quickly. With a click of a button, you can generate purchase orders to your standard suppliers that will get you back up to par level. 

WorkGuru | WorkGuru’s Par Levels Help You Maintain Your Stock

Step 3: Approve and Send your Purchase Order

Once you’ve ordered the materials from the  BuyingGuru report, you’ll be sent to the Purchase Orders dashboard where you can quickly approve and send the newly created purchase orders. It’s just that simple. 

Because each section of the process is discrete, you can have one person do it all or assign different people to each role depending on how your business is set up.

Want tips on procuring new materials? Read more here.


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