WorkGuru Custom Report Builder Puts Powerful Reporting At Your Fingertips

WorkGuru | WorkGuru Custom Report Builder Puts Powerful Reporting At Your Fingertips

The custom report builder lets you build reports that are specific to your business. In addition to the over 40 existing reports that WorkGuru gives you, you can build a new report on almost any of the data that you collect in WorkGuru.

Here are the features that can help you create the reports you need. 


Report on almost any object

WorkGuru lets you collect so much information to help understand and control almost every part of your business. With the custom report builder, you can report on practically any records you have. 

In fact, you can create a report on your Leads, Quotes, Invoices, Clients,  Assets,  Projects, Task & Timesheets with ease. From there, you can select the fields that interest you to generate the reports you need.


Report on your custom fields

If you’ve added custom fields to your WorkGuru account, you can also report on those. So, any information that is specific to your business or industry can be included in the reports you produce and that data is not lost. Whether it’s rego numbers for vehicle assets or any other extra information you’ve added.

Want to know more about WorkGuru’s custom report fields? Read our blog.


Save Reports for Repeated Use

Sometimes you’ll need to run or check a report more than once. Whether you’re looking to produce a report that you can check daily, weekly or monthly you can keep it handy in WorkGuru. 

Saved custom reports will appear on your report dashboard and are really easy to find and use time and time again. You can make sure that you’re staying accurate with your reporting by using the same report repeatedly, rather than recreating it to run it again.


Watch a sneak peek of custom reports

Custom reports are just the latest addition to the powerful reporting tools in WorkGuru. Take a look at this quick overview of the feature to see just how easy it is to use.   You can produce a new report in less than 2 minutes!

Can’t see the video? Click here to view.


Think an all-in-one project management system is right for you? 

WorkGuru was built to be a complete solution for companies that design, build, or fix things. We service the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and fabrication industries, from lead registration, right through to your final invoice. 

If you think WorkGuru sounds right for your business, get in touch with us and request a free demo today.

WorkGuru | WorkGuru Custom Report Builder Puts Powerful Reporting At Your Fingertips

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