From WorkflowMax to WorkGuru: Making the Switch

Xero's announcement about the retirement of WorkflowMax could be concerning for its users who rely on this tool to manage their projects and workflows. However, WorkGuru aims to provide a seamless transition for those looking for an alternative to WorkflowMax. With our extensive experience in implementing software solutions for SMBs, including having our founders previously implementing hundreds of WorkflowMax jobs as consultants, we are committed to being the only WorkflowMax alternative you'll ever need.

WorkGuru was built as a WorklflowMax Alternative

Out of that experience, and through numerous feature requests that customers needed but couldn't get, we created WorkGuru as an ideal WorkflowMax alternative. With clients having requested everything from progress invoicing, to a workshop kiosk, to multi-currency support and even inventory, WorkGuru has been built with the customer in mind from the start.

In fact, WorkGuru offers 35 out of the 40 most requested WorkflowMax features already built-in, plus additional features and functionalities to enhance your work management capabilities. With WorkGuru, you can easily track project progress, manage tasks and deadlines, collaborate with team members, and generate detailed reports to keep your projects on track and stakeholders informed.

WorkGuru offers integration

In addition to its customisable workflows and comprehensive feature set, WorkGuru offers integration with several popular tools, including Xero, MYOB, EzzyBills, TANDA, Pinch, and QuickBooks. This feature allows for seamless financial management processes and simplification of workflows, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking to optimise their financial management.

Popular tools

By integrating with these popular tools, businesses can ensure that their financial data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible. This can help them make informed decisions and streamline their financial processes, ultimately saving time and resources. Overall, the integration capabilities of WorkGuru add an extra layer of convenience and efficiency to the platform, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance their work management capabilities.

One of the primary strengths of WorkGuru is its focus on customisation and flexibility. The tool's ability to provide tailored solutions through customisation can be highly advantageous for businesses that require specific workflows, project templates, and reporting structures. With WorkGuru, businesses have the flexibility to create and implement a work management system that aligns with their unique needs and requirements.

Making the Switch

For businesses that are currently using WorkflowMax, WorkGuru offers an alternative solution that can potentially enhance their work management capabilities. With WorkGuru's easy migration process, businesses can switch over seamlessly without losing any valuable data or insights. WorkGuru's comprehensive feature set, including its robust reporting and analysis capabilities, can provide businesses with a more accurate and insightful view of their work processes. Moreover, its customisable workflows enable businesses to create a work management system that meets their specific needs and requirements, allowing for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

WorkGuru has received positive feedback from its customers who have used the platform to manage their projects and workflows. Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the benefits of using WorkGuru, which can help you determine if it's the right solution for your business.

Make the switch from WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax users who are looking for a dependable work management solution should consider WorkGuru. With its easy migration process, customisable workflows, and comprehensive feature set, WorkGuru can serve as a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

WorkGuru's strength lies in providing tailored solutions through customisation and flexibility, allowing businesses to adjust workflows, project templates, and reporting structures to their specific needs. By using WorkGuru, businesses can improve their work management capabilities, streamline their workflows, and optimize their financial management processes with seamless integration with popular tools like Xero, MYOB, EzzyBills, TANDA, Pinch, and QuickBooks. If you're interested in experiencing these benefits, try WorkGuru today and take your project management to the next level.

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