Top 3 WorkGuru Features you might not know about

WorkGuru | Top 3 WorkGuru Features you might not know about

WorkGuru.io is a giant platform that covers many of the business essentials, from job costing to stock control, CRM, quotes, invoicing, reporting… the list goes on! Because of the platform's size, there can be heaps of cool features that slip under the rug at first glance.

Here’s the top 3 super powerful features in WorkGuru.io you might not see at first glance.

Buying Guru

Found in the reports tab, Buying Guru is a powerful tool for businesses that rely on stock. In a nutshell, the report compares your current stock to your par levels and lets you know any stock that is falling short. 

It takes into account the stock you’ve ordered but that hasn’t arrived yet as well as your stock on hand to give you accurate information. 

WorkGuru | Top 3 WorkGuru Features you might not know about

From the report, you are able to create purchase orders and order the stock you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

To get it up and running, you’ll need to add par levels to each stock item you want to track. From there, the Buying Guru report does all the heavy lifting. 

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Forms were introduced to WorkGuru.io last year, and have been helping clients keep better records alongside the project notes. Forms are custom build by users, so they can help you record practically anything, including dates and signatures. They are great for getting details signed off by clients, or helping your staff to remember to check details they sometimes overlook.

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Every time a team member completes a form, a timestamped PDF document is added to your project, so you know who filled it in, and when. 

Timesheets can also help you to get timesheets signed for. This is super helpful when you have an on site supervisor, and allows timesheets to be officially approved at the end of each day and week. 

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Want to get started with a timesheet form? Here’s a starter word template that you can use to build your templates. Just click here to download the Timesheet Template Word Document

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Project Scheduling

Want to know what deadlines you have coming up, and who jobs have been assigned to? Project scheduling has your back. The handy chart lets you not only see what projects are ongoing, but also edit the information, so you can change who’s working on a job or when it's going to be worked on.

WorkGuru | Top 3 WorkGuru Features you might not know about

That’s super helpful when it comes to people being away for the day, or if clients need change. The project scheduling tools let you see and respond to scheduling issues much more easily. 

You can change your view to cover any period of time, future or past. Watch the video below to see the tools in action. 

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