The Way Job Costing Should Be

Accurate Job Costing means that you know exactly what your profit is on every job, and how it happened.

With Workguru’s complete job costing tool-kit, you can stay on top of every job, and improve your bottom line

Project management for Architects


Time is money, and tracking your staff timesheets against your jobs is critical to ensuring profitability. WorkGuru's timesheets are simple and effective at giving you the data you need to stay on track!


Whether you're purchasing goods for the job, or paying subcontractors for their work, WorkGuru's purchasing is powerful and simple to use. Once entered simply push your bills through to Xero to pay!

Stock Usage

When you're taking things from the shelves to use on a job, WorkGuru let's you track it in real-time to keep a handle on your job costing, and stock levels that remain available. Keep an eye on your stock, and save big $$$.


Job Financials are everything. Track your forecast versus actuals for Time, Materials, and Profit Margin to ensure that your jobs perform. If a job isn't performing how it should you need to be able to fix it and get it back on track!

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Get your sales process started on the right foot, by generating a detailed formal quote for your clients.


WorkGuru lets you forecast your costs and your margins as you go, to make sure you’re never in the red before you start!
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Stock Control

Stock Control is an incredibly important part of your business and we’re here to help.

Stock Control

With functionality to track thousands of items, in multiple warehouses, WorkGuru is your go-to solution for your inventory needs
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Internal Manufacuting

Sometimes you need to make things for yourself to put into stock.

Internal Manufactuing

Whether you’re selling them to clients, or using them on other projects that you’re working on, we’ve got you covered.
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Purchasing for your business is incredibly important, and that’s why WorkGuru makes it easy


Know what you’ve ordered, from who and when it’s coming in. Whether you’re ordering for a job, or buying stock for the shelves, we’ve got you covered.
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Need to know more about Job Costing?

Check out our blog on What you can learn from past projects to ensure you’re not just doing proper job costing, but that you’re learning from you own history 

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