Top 4 ways that WorkGuru helps labour-hire businesses

WorkGuru | Top 4 ways that WorkGuru helps labour-hire businesses

When you work in labour-hire, you often work with businesses that have fluctuating workloads across different months and projects, the work can quickly become complex to track.

Enter WorkGuru.io. No matter how many people you are managing over numerous sites, WorkGuru.io can make managing your labour-hire business a breeze.

With WorkGuru.io you have the tools at your fingertips to communicate with clients, track your costs and work done, and keep track of what happens in the office and on-site. Here are the top 4 features that will help you breathe a sigh of relief. 

Custom Forms

You can build and use custom forms on every project to get sign off in real-time. The custom forms include plenty of fields, including timesheet information and signature fields.

A great example of how you could use this is to get instant approval on timesheets for the day. When your team go on-site, they can use their phone or tablet to start their timesheet stopwatch. At the end of the day, your team can generate a form that shows the date and the timesheets created that day. They can present it to the on-site supervisor to sign on glass. So, when it comes to billing, you have signed, dated approval that shows proof of the hours worked for that client. 

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Project Groups

When you work on multiple projects for the same client at the same time, it can help you to keep on top of everything to group these projects together. Project Groups in WorkGuru let you group projects together so you can get a quick snapshot of project profitability for all projects, but also lets you group invoicing. So, no matter how many projects you’ve worked on for a client, you can present them with a single, easy invoice at the end of each month. 

By being able to keep projects separate but linked in project groups you can keep track of detailed records. When one project finishes, you can mark it as complete, but still, keep it linked to other open projects. This is great when you have project phases that you need to manage differently.  For example, in Phase 1, your client might need X number of a particular trade specialised, and Y number in Phase 2. Project Groups help you keep track of this no matter how many labour-hire projects you have on at one time.

WorkGuru | Top 4 ways that WorkGuru helps labour-hire businesses

On-Site Kiosk

WorkGuru’s kiosk lets your team enter information for the projects they work on while they are out and about. By entering a pin number, your team can access their own account to add time and stock costs to the project they are working on.

They are able to manually enter timesheets, or start and stop timers to add timesheets. It means that you and your team can see the information they need in real-time. You can save admin time too as your team no longer need to add data at the end of the day or when back in the office (which also means you don’t need to chase up your team when they forget to do it).

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Bill for actuals

Because your team can track their actual costs in real-time, it's easy to keep track of the actual time spent on projects and bill your clients accordingly. When it comes time to invoice, WorkGuru.io offers you the flexibility to bill for actuals, completed tasks, percentages and more. 

Flexibility helps you manage your billing in a way that works for your team and processes. Offering flexible ways to invoice, including invoicing for multiple projects at once, WorkGuru.io can help you bill in a way that makes sense for your business. 

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Want a free demo?

WorkGuru has got heaps of features your labour-hire business will love. If you’d like to give WorkGuru a test run, then reach out to the team today. Our team will be in touch to find out more about your needs and book the best time for your training session.

WorkGuru | Top 4 ways that WorkGuru helps labour-hire businesses
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