Get timesheets signed off with WorkGuru Forms

WorkGuru | Get timesheets signed off with WorkGuru Forms

WorkGuru Forms is a versatile feature that can help you keep a signed record or document alongside your project notes. But did you also know that you can use it to approve timesheets on-site and in real-time?


Why is this important

It’s super handy when you have a client supervisor, so you can get immediate approval on time spent on a particular project. No more having fights when the final invoice is sent, you can keep a record of the time spent, and the client’s approval. 

Admin time is also a hidden productivity killer in a lot of businesses and timesheets can be the worst offender. If your team are manually submitting timesheets for approval, then there can quickly be a bottleneck in your business processes and your record-keeping can start to get messy and confusing. 

Read “How Forgotten Timesheets Are Costing Your Business Over $40,000 A Year” to find out more.

WorkGuru records timesheet information in real-time, so at the end of a shift, the information is available immediately for approval. By creating a quick and easy form, the supervisor on shift can confirm the hours worked in a matter of seconds.


How does it work? 

WorkGuru Forms are super customisable, allowing you to add in and use any fields that you need and build out a document with the exact layout you need. By including the “Timesheets” field in your form, you can quickly pull timesheet data effortlessly. 

Because your timesheet information is updated in WorkGuru in real-time, you can use your information straight away. You can customise the period you want to approve, whether it’s today, yesterday or the whole week all at once!

We’ve created a video showing you how to set up and use a basic form that will allow supervisors to sign off on timesheets.

The basic template used in the video can be downloaded using the link below. You can then start using the template as-is or customise to include any other fields you need. 

Just click here to download the Word Document


Want to know more about Forms in WorkGuru? 

Timesheets are just the beginning of how you can use forms in WorkGuru. If you want more information, you can check out our feature on Forms, “WorkGuru Forms Make Record-Keeping Easy”.

If you feel that your business could benefit from clear and easy record-keeping, or reduced admin time, then book in a free session with our team today. We can show you how to use Forms and all the other features on WorkGuru, from timesheets to inventory and job management.

Visit our contact page to book a demo with our team


WorkGuru | Get timesheets signed off with WorkGuru Forms

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