3 reasons Fabricators should track their builds

WorkGuru | 3 reasons Fabricators should track their builds

Manufacturers and fabricators are constantly producing new assets for their clients and customers. From caravans and trailers to heavy-duty mining equipment, it’s crucial to understand your builds and keep detailed records of how they were built, and what they looked like when they left your workshop.

Here are the top three reasons why keeping track of your builds is a critical part of business management for fabricators.


Make life easier, and new tasks faster

It’s no secret that keeping detailed records make understanding your projects easier. Not only that but having good, written records of your builds means that your business retains that information as staff change. You’re not relying on someone remembering the build they did 2 years ago.

Easily searchable information means that anyone in the team can pick up a job, or understand the history of an asset that comes into your business. It takes no time at all for them to be up to date. 


Peace of mind

Whether you’re in the process of stepping back from frontline work, or you just want more control of what’s happening, keeping track of your builds is a huge step towards peace of mind for you and your team. It means that even if you’re not on the floor, a quick check can show you what’s been done and by who.

It also means that your team are in a position to check this information too. They can look over the asset record and confirm that all the necessary steps have been taken to get the asset customer-ready.

Often with customer disputes, it can come down to your word against theirs. But, with excellent record keeping you can prove that the asset was checked and serviced, the customer signed off on the condition of the asset, or anything else that’s crucial to your business. You can keep signed and dated records that put you in a good position to show your team did the right thing.


Industry requirements

Depending on the industry you operate in, there might be special requirements put in place that regulate the records you have to keep. Do you have to perform maintenance regularly on the assets you build? If so then keeping detailed records of what work was done and when could be crucial for your business. 

You want to make sure that you are keeping records in a compliant, consistent way that makes keeping and finding records easy when they are needed.


What’s the best way to track what you build?

The best tools for keeping track will differ depending on what objectives you are trying to fulfil, what you build and how you want to record information. Just like in most things, your business is unique and it’s important to consider what’s right for your needs.

Take a look at our blog “Want To Find The Best Project Management System? Here Are 4 Things To Look For.” for some guidance. 


How can WorkGuru help keep track of assets?

WorkGuru offers powerful asset management tools that effortlessly link to your project management and client records. Keeping records up-to-date is easy as you work on projects, minimising your admin time and making sure your notes stay consistent. 

Here's a sneak peek at our asset management tools.

Want to learn more about asset management in WorkGuru? Read our recent blog “5 Ways WorkGuru’s Asset Management Tools Just Make Life Easier” or reach out to the team for a free demo.

WorkGuru | 3 reasons Fabricators should track their builds

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