5 Ways Asset Management Tools Make Life Easier

WorkGuru | 5 Ways Asset Management Tools Make Life Easier

For many new clients, WorkGuru’s asset management features are a breath of fresh air. The easy and flexible tools have helped businesses manage almost anything from machinery to their customer’s product, to hire equipment and much more.

Here are the top five things that our clients love about Asset Management in WorkGuru.


Track internal and external assets

Whether you want to track the use of your own machinery or anything you produce or work on, the asset management tools let you do that. You can assign a project to a new or existing asset, which helps you to keep a permanent of all the work done with or on that asset. 

Because the tools are set up to be flexible and allow for both these situations, it means that how ever your business operates you’re likely to be able to use the asset management tools to learn more about your profitability. 


Sell, hire or maintain?

Depending on what you make, hire or maintain, recording some key information about your products can be hugely important. 

If you hire out or maintain assets like vehicles or machinery, asset management tools can help you record key facts about that asset's usage and repairs. You can, for example, record each client that asset has been loaned to, or confirm when the last time that resource was serviced or maintained. 

You can even upload images or documents to the asset record, so you can keep a permanent record of what your or the client’s asset looked like when it left your workshop. 


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Clients change, but your records are always easy to find

Because the asset records exist outside of your client records, there are no issues when they change hands. You might see the same asset swap hands multiple times, especially if you work in a specialised industry, and you’re able to update the owner in a couple of clicks.

It means that no matter what client is assigned to the asset, you keep a continuous record of the work done and any files attached. The records are searchable, so even if a new customer comes in, finding the asset is smooth and easy process.


Understand your assets better

WorkGuru allows you to report on your assets to understand the projects undertaken and the profitability. There are over forty pre-built report templates in WorkGuru, including reports for your assets.

If you are curious about the profit that you’ve made on a particular asset, then it’s simply a matter of inputting the dates you’re interested in and letting the report do the heavy lifting. 


Record almost anything with custom fields

Need to record specific information about your assets like a VIN number, a brand name or anything else? You can do it with custom fields. 

Custom fields are a WorkGuru tool that lets you customise many records to your businesses specific needs. You can add number fields, text fields or drop-down menus and choose if these fields are mandatory when creating a new asset.

Best of all, the custom fields are searchable, so if you’re recording Serial Numbers, you can search your assets for that number to find the record again. 

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Interested in WorkGuru Asset Management?

If you want to learn more or see the tools in action, book in a free training session with the team. We’ll show you hands-on how asset management works and how it can be used in your business. If you want to manage your assets, project, stock and more in one place, chat to the team today. 

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WorkGuru | 5 Ways Asset Management Tools Make Life Easier

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