Document Management & Job Tracking: A Perfect Match

WorkGuru | Document Management & Job Tracking: A Perfect Match

Even in the digital age, we haven’t escaped paperwork. When you don’t have a way of managing documents you run the risk of losing vital project information. 

With email confirmations, last-minute changes to the project and signed proposals, there are lots of documents you’ll want to keep on file as part of your project management. 

Historical Records

One of the top reasons to prioritise document management in your projects is to keep a historic record of your project. For example, keeping signed contracts, quotes or written confirmation of a change of price can stop issues from occurring when the invoice is issued. 

Having easy to find records can also help you when working with the same client, or working on similar projects in the future. If you have a good ‘paper trail’ it means not needing to start from scratch when working on projects. 

Manage Projects Better

If you are working with a team, or have multiple projects on the go, then it’s reasonable to expect that details will slip your mind, or will be missed by some of your team. 

By having solid document records, you have a source of truth you can check back on when you’re working on projects. Did this client opt for upgrade A or B? Did they agree to the free annual service offer? Did the client acknowledge the extended deadline. Was this scratch on their vehicle when it came into the shop? 

When you have good records, answers to job questions are only a few clicks away. 

How to get the most from document management?

What can you do in your business to get more value from your record-keeping? Here are the top three things that can level up your recording keeping. 

Easily searchable/findable

When trying to keep track of project records, especially related documents, it can easily become messy. Some things might be via email or text. Some documents are photos, or word documents or PDFs.  

By keeping records in a consistent, easy find place, you can make it much easier to refer back when needed. It saves you and your team time, and can also make it much easier if someone leaves your business or is away when information is needed. 

WorkGuru.io for example makes it easy to add files straight to the job itself, and even lets your team send emails to the project record to record information. 

Use templates

Another way to add value to your document management processes is by using templates where possible. Templates help your team produce new documents, like quotes, or customer sign-off forms much faster. It also makes it easy to refer back to previous documents, because the layout and information are familiar to your team. 

Watch this video to learn more about WorkGuru.io Forms

Templates are easy to work into your processes and can help you ensure that the right information is being communicated by your documents. With systems like WorkGuru, templates like quotes, forms and other documents can be added to the software. It means that when a quote is sent, it’s automatically recorded saving your team time and ensuring records are kept. 

Make it easy 

Trying to make your reporting and document management processes as painless as possible has a lot of benefits. Firstly, the smoother, easier and faster the process is, the less time it will take out of your team’s day. Admin time can cut into your project margins. The faster the essential admin tasks can be effectively done, the more time your team has to complete profitable work.

Additionally, if the process of adding documents to your project records is painless, then your staff are less likely to put off updating job tracking records. 

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Want better document management and job costing tools? 

Get a free, personalised WorkGuru walkthrough and trial account today to see what the software can do for your business.

The walkthrough will take you through the tools that you can use in your business to improve your profitability, from quoting and lead tracking to final invoicing and ongoing projects. 

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