Top 4 Easy To Use Project Features WorkGuru Users Love

WorkGuru | Top 4 Easy To Use Project Features WorkGuru Users Love

WorkGuru.io is designed to make project management easier from quote to the final invoice. There are heaps of powerful features that keep project management & job costing simple yet powerful. 

Here are the top four things you can do in WorkGuru that save you time and stress when running your projects. 

Real-time stock & time costing

WorkGuru makes costing your projects smooth and easy. You can easily create quote templates that allow you to use common cost and sell prices over and over again. 

When managing your projects, you can complete tasks, report on time and track stock usage to confirm your actual costs compared to your quoted cost. 

You can keep track of how much you're making on the project, including tracking how much has been invoiced so that it’s easy and quick to see how much profit the project is making. 

Watch the video below to see how easy managing your jobs can be.

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Project groups

A feature that often surprises new users with its usefulness is project groups. Project groups let you manage and report on multiple projects together while keeping the details separate. 

It means that you can do things like check the profitability of multiple projects, or invoice for multiple projects at once on a single document per client. 

Project groups are versatile and can be used in a huge number of ways. You can track all the projects a particular team are working on, or break large, longer-term projects into phases while keeping your eye on the whole picture. You can also create project groups to track all the projects you're doing for a particular client to make your end of month billing easy.

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Sometimes you need to keep documents like SWMS or JSA forms or keep a signed document with your project records. 

If you have documents that you need to fill in regularly, you can do it with WorkGuru Forms. Not only that but it will automatically be added to relevant projects so you can keep a permanent record.

Without leaving the platform, staff members can now fill in and sign forms that are automatically attached to the project and time-stamped as a PDF document. Once a template is created, it can be filled in on each and every project when it’s needed and has your team or clients sign-on-glass. 

Its easy to implement and versatile, so you can customise your forms look and functions to match your business. There are heaps of field types to choose from, so you can add dropdowns, dates, long or short text, or number fields to your forms with ease, as well as signature fields that allow the user to sign on glass.

Learn more about Forms in WorkGuru.io

Adding and tracking stock 

Keeping stock records up-to-date is an important part of business management. WorkGuru.io makes it easy to update your stock levels in the background. As your team use stock on projects, the overall stock numbers are updated.

Because it all happens in one system, WorkGuru.io can manage the heavy lifting in the background while your business functions ‘talk’ to each other. Updating the stock price when you get new stock in will update the cost on new projects you create, once the original stock at old price is used up. Using stock on projects will update the stock on hand numbers as well. 

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